Hui meow double 11 single card preferential live breaking 3 million posts

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annual double eleven, this year is also crazy in a Carnival Carnival feast, in 2015 the annual turnover of $2 billion global Carnival Tmall $91 billion 217 million wireless turnover of $62 billion 642 million!. Alibaba once again refresh the world record for a single day trading platform. In this background, share online shopping offers live APP community in Hui meow double 11 day to produce transcripts.


red packets to create a record

double before eleven, Tmall to eleven double preheating through the issuance of red activity, was a network of grab envelopes in the app boom, Hui meow opened a special red order to share live post, in addition to the thread to update the official envelopes payment schedule, users in the comments area show spontaneous red envelopes, users have to interact. It is this form, creating a new record of Hui meow platform, platform Posts most viewed close to 3 million, tens of thousands of users to participate in interactive comments.


one hand broke the preferred platform

online shopping as a premium discount sharing platform, a promotional information leaks is especially important, according to data released by the Hui meow, meow in the double eleven day, Hui APP cumulative received the support of more than 16 thousand, the average per minute received the support of 10, during peak hours online shopping, every second there are 1 broke the news, the Hui meow recommended about 1750, devote themselves to the Tmall double eleven transactions, according to the founder of the (Lai Guixiong) revealed that the Hui meow platforms contrast daily growth of more than 10 times, and for electricity providers to bring tens of millions of sales.


God price monitoring, not to miss

eleven, not only belongs to Tmall, but all the business platform of the festival, the major electricity supplier is also carried out to promote the activities of the price war, price monitoring channel cumulative benefits meow God monitoring to double eleven commodity price number about 300 thousand, from the fierce competition in the electricity supplier of the visible data. From this competition, the electricity supplier to obtain the user, and consumers from the competition to the purchase value of goods, each one takes what he needs a win-win.


again, brilliant shape

eleven has been settled, online shopping value sharing community – Hui meow APP through double eleven followed by Tmall rhythm, deepening operation, introduced the strongest double eleven series, and achieved impressive results. With the continued development of mobile providers, believe that the future benefits of meow APP will achieve more brilliant achievements, the founder of the (Lai Guixiong) said, the next will continue to force in the mobile terminal platform, to become the largest mobile terminal preferential live APP.

The founder of


Hui Lai (founder of Nobita > your meow

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