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2015 China Internet Conference is the theme of industrial integration and Internet sharing". Now, "Internet plus" has become the standard of each enterprise, but enterprise what should I do with the Internet? Transformation practice, Suning in the last few years I think:

first, whether it is from the line to go online, or from the line to the next line, but is the same. Therefore, the real estate companies do not talk about the transformation of fear. In the final analysis of the Internet is just a superposition of Internet technology upgrades, and will not change the nature of the business.

secondly, the real estate companies do O2O must not fall into two extreme thinking. A quick victory is on, think to do a website, do a APP is "Internet plus"; there is a quick death on the Internet, deified, felt that the real Internet companies do not have the gene, so do O2O. The Internet can change our way of thinking and even our way of life, but it can never replace the business itself.

do O2O retail overlay logic can be summarized as "protracted war" and "two steps". The protracted war is to have the determination, patience and perseverance, do not think overnight; the two step is the first step of "Internet +", the second step is "Internet plus".

Suning "+ Internet" road "is the first + channel, Suning launched the suning.com, the development of PC and the mobile terminal, and through the acquisition of PPTV, TV into the end.

in the past in the era of traditional chain, the increase in sales channels rely on constantly shop, but the store is not likely to go on indefinitely, there is always a limit cost. And with the help of Internet technology, you can form a full coverage of the user’s consumption scenarios, the store opened to the user’s office, pocket and living room.

followed by + goods, not only to move the goods online, but also to further develop the Internet platform to adapt to the brand and category. In the past confined to space, the store’s SKU (stock units) the maximum number of tens of thousands. Today, with the help of Internet technology, you can establish a comprehensive portfolio of home appliances, 3C, supermarkets, finance, culture and other consumer characteristics of the product.


+ service, not only to re build the online operation of the service, but also to build the core of the financial cloud, cloud and cloud data. In the operational aspects of the public to raise, pre-sale, flash and other products covering the whole life cycle. Financial cloud increased online payment tools, financial products, etc.. In the data cloud, through the application of big data technology, open platform for businesses to provide an accurate marketing service tools. Logistics cloud is relying on many years to build the logistics network and technical support to the third party or even the fourth open, improve efficiency.

from the beginning of 2014, Suning has entered a "Internet plus retail" stage. "Internet plus retail" is using Internet technology grafting, superposition and transformation and optimization under the line of business processes and retail resources, and its core is the same "+ channel" and "commercial +" and "+ service". >

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