How to choose a good CN domain name

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since March this year, CN domain name sales price dropped to 1 yuan, the investment CN domain name does not exist any economic barriers. Over the past few months, individuals can not register the problem has a corresponding solution, that is, the individual registered CN domain name is also guaranteed.

problem is, how to choose a good CN domain name, that is, what is the value of the CN domain name owners know, do stand to find a corresponding domain name is very difficult.

Guangdong IDC webmaster information network ( < > net house;; that, in addition to the domain name according to the nature of the site (location) or the nature of the information content (subject) to choose, but also make your domain name do simple, easy to remember, mark strong, corresponding to the site location, and to a certain degree connotation. At the same time, domain name and brand, trademark as an important recognition. It is well known that a good domain name will obviously help your website to promote the well-known site. December 2006, the official website of the official opening of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games domain name, before replacing the domain name. The use of the host country’s domain name as the main domain name on the official website of the Olympic Games, is the first time in the history of the Olympic games. The use of the Olympic Games has been the domain name is administered by the United States COM domain name. In June 2007, in order to strengthen its competitiveness in the local market Chinese website, "please China users", the world’s largest B2C e-commerce enterprises in Chinese Amazon Co to enable to replace the original under the three level domain name as the main domain name China website; since the recent netizens also know from six rooms, Google enabled (Google) after the release of, and the trial network, buyout personal portal enabled, enabled, recently, Microsoft also launched and two short url. This also proves that the trend of CN domain name in the Internet is becoming more and more dominant. It is clear that the CN domain is more popular localization is an inevitable trend.

was refreshed in September 2007 to 7 million 150 thousand, ranking also rose to the world’s second. CN domain name of the future development of the scale should be more than ten million registered.

the real value of the domain name is not registered, others are already in use of the enterprise name and trademark, it will make you truly have a domain name registration The loss outweighs the gain., vision,

should be wise!

finally, please be careful to register the Olympic related CN domain name!

currently CNNIC all of the CN domain name should be manual audit, general and Olympic related CN domain names (such as: Aoyun, beijing2008, etc.) will not be manual audit, need to delete the process. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, please carefully register the CN domain name of the Olympic Games!

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