Canton Fair electronic business platform for enterprises to bring hundreds of millions of dollars in

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April 23rd, the 117th session of the Canton Fair second opening, the exhibition time will continue until April 27th, the main exhibition kitchen, ceramics, crafts, toys, decorations Home Furnishing.

how to use the Internet to transform the traditional thinking of foreign trade enterprises, has been a hot topic in recent years. Just a few days ago, the Provincial Bureau of statistics released the first quarter economic data of Guangdong, a new form of foreign trade is increasing rapidly. January – this year, the province’s 23 foreign trade integrated services pilot enterprises exported $4 billion, an increase of 42.1%; cross-border e-commerce import and export value reached $1 billion 30 million, ranking the forefront of the country.

e-commerce tide will affect China’s first exhibition, the reporter visited the exhibition found that many foreign trade enterprises to change their thinking, and actively use the emerging foreign trade comprehensive service platform for the transformation and upgrading of electronic business. The business service platform are updated, providing documents, inspection, customs, ports, insurance and other one-stop services for the foreign trade of small and micro enterprises, the power of traditional foreign trade enterprises launched the "electric shock".

radio and television operators to upgrade the future will achieve online trading

"by radio and television business platform, we got 2000 diesel generators orders, only one transaction amounted to several billion!" a domestic diesel generator company official excitedly told reporters, "in the past, our main goal is to attract customers through live demonstrations, but now through electronic business platform can make global purchasing we are concerned that the company, for a good role to tap new customers. In addition, the platform can also solve a series of foreign trade links, there is no worry."

the responsible person referred to the "radio and television operators", is the foreign trade service platform of fair business, after two years, the Canton Fair e-commerce platform has become the first choice for exhibitors and buyers to communicate online inquiry.

said that the Canton Fair Agel Ecommerce Ltd vice president Song Chao told Nanfang Daily interview, prior to the platform’s function is relatively simple, just completed the function of foreign trade import and export trading exchange inquiry at the front end of the chain. Currently, the entire platform is undergoing a new upgrade, the new platform is expected in the 118 session of the Canton Fair on-line.

a lot of enterprises in the process of foreign trade export involves many links, business negotiations is the first step, there are a series of links, including payment, production, logistics, customs clearance, export tax rebates, etc.." Song Chao said that in the past only solved the first link, many small and medium enterprises in many aspects of the following need to entrust the third party. We hope to provide one-stop platform for the whole industry chain services to help enterprises solve the problem.

, a Guangdong plastic sprayer enterprises in its booth hung out a two-dimensional code label and WeChat public number, users can use the mobile phone to sweep will be able to get about spray industry information and product information. Relevant person in charge of Mr. Lee said, in addition to the company settled in radio and television business platform, but also in the Alibaba registered accounts with domestic and foreign buyers to conduct business exchanges and trade

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