What are the capabilities required for the sale of industrial products

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before the Spring Festival, I wrote an article < < simple difference analysis of industrial and civilian goods sales network > >, which referred to many special industrial products sales network, such as a network of industrial products sales staff should have what kind of ability to get the job done, adaptation the development trend of network, to build a career? Here’s to my sales experience and personal products of heat shrinkable material occupation understanding simple talk about friends and exchange views.

for industrial products should be said in terms of network marketing is a strong complement to traditional sales, is an effective way of selling, can effectively save the development cost of customers, can be more large companies, enterprises, publicity and propaganda propaganda for new business person, can provide a platform for growth. If the enterprise market is regional sales of traditional industrial products, the sales staff in the country, the cost of car trip is considerable, even in the province, it is not a small number, but many companies are not great, not the partition, there is the product market characteristics, such as thermal application sales the pipeline anticorrosion heat shrinkable sleeve belt, the product is difficult to divide the region of a pipeline project may span more than and 10 provinces, how do you go to the division. But an enterprise do network promotion needs of the construction site, do optimization maintenance hire the personnel, or buy expensive Baidu, Google’s advertising service, the traditional sales cost in terms of it is just a little bit, especially related to gray income was a more like this. And this point of return compared to the creation of investment is immeasurable, which is also more and more companies are aware of. There is a new rookie sales staff are not familiar with the product technology, do not understand the market, customer problems no good experience, if the sales staff also ran out, the corresponding cost of sales will increase, but the return rate is extremely low, and meet enterprises only pay attention to make Lee Ji Gong, the short-term performance. Even ruin a promising rookie sales. And we can now use the network as a new sales model to train and train new sales staff, the cost is very low. If the salesman potential better use of the network can also create a good sales performance, the accumulation of some customers, such as the time is ripe, and then sent out to develop large customers, so the success rate is higher. Now this method has been recognized by many companies, it will give us a group of young people many opportunities for self achievement, of course, before the opportunity not everyone can be successful, if want to do a good job of industrial product sales network, we should have what ability do, I talk about the following summary:

whether it is the network sales staff, or the traditional model of sales staff, in fact, they have a lot of common, essentially sales, but the way is not the same. So many of the principles of traditional sales network sales must be mastered, but the network sales also have its special circumstances and conditions, but also on the marketing staff knowledge and skills, cultural levels put forward higher requirements. Summary should be a few points: 1

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