The development trend and strong analysis of online shopping market

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the current network market has reached a very influential point, can be said about 20 young people basically have online shopping experience, in this environment, how to correctly treat the network shopping market, current situation and development trend and the online shopping market is particularly important, the following describes a


is currently the largest online shopping consumer groups or young workers, most of them work in the previous time will hang QQ, because sometimes need reason, most companies have accepted; but now they have a chat tool — Ali Wangwang, Ali Wangwang is also working to, be sure to say "NO" so recently the company released some such news, as can be seen from the trend of online shopping.

working hours are not allowed to log on Taobao shopping, which is a company in Qingdao recently issued a new internal rules and regulations. The company believes that employees work time playing Taobao has seriously affected the work condition, while the female workers feel too much pressure, overtime is so homely food, rely on online shopping soothing mood is no ground for blame. A debate about whether or not to work on Taobao in the company and employees to start the debate between.

according to an unnamed woman, where she was recently awarded a Korea Companies and let her new female employees to accept the regulations of the company, working hours are not allowed on for online shopping, and in the form of documents, solemnly issued.

The reporter saw the lady

provided documents clearly pointed out that employees work time online shopping, online shopping, telephone, mail surge, has seriously affected the work efficiency, and therefore decided to "ban" (, blue (, cool fashion network Chihiro network ( online shopping platform for these large B2C for this provision, illegal workers to give a fine of 200 yuan, after deducting the month bonus penalty.

and the woman grumble said, work pressure and work overtime, has made the company employee girls do not have neither the time nor the mood to go shopping, only in time to Taobao, blue cool fashion, Chihiro like purchase website in order to ease the tense state of life and work in a certain extent, but the company a paper document down even this last bit of fun and they denied, emotionally difficult to accept. In addition, the woman also said that she did not hear the other companies have similar rules and regulations, and thus the company’s own ban on the provisions of Taobao is particularly unclear.

on the one hand, the company is in serious work discipline, blocking B2C online shopping; on the other hand is the majority of female employees have developed a shopping platform in the B2C online shopping habits, dissatisfaction with the company’s decision. How things develop, we will continue to focus on.

in fact, this news is not the biggest value to say how to ban Taobao B2C network, but from a side to prove the status of China’s online shopping market booming