Netizens touted professional shopping guide website integrity experience

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nowadays, if asked: businesses and consumers, which is a vulnerable group? The answer is very simple, it must be consumers. Is the so-called do not sell the essence, and information asymmetry is one of the factors that make consumers vulnerable. The problem still exists, even more serious, when the business is developing into the e-commerce era. Online shopping is different from the physical store "invisible" this feature will undoubtedly bring some unscrupulous businessmen with an opportunity. In 2007, the China Consumer Association received complaints on the Internet reached 84 million 250 thousand, of which a large proportion of Internet transactions.

related professionals pointed out: with the further development of the market economy, the issue of consumer rights and interests are also more and more attention. Consumers’ awareness of rights protection has been strengthened, and the laws and regulations of the state to protect the rights and interests of consumers are improving day by day.

in China’s "consumer protection law", "expressly provides that the consumer’s right to know include the following meanings: first, consumers have the right to require the operator to indicate the real situation of the goods or services in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations of the way; second, consumers in the purchase and use of goods or services, have the right to to inquire the information about the goods or services; third, consumers have the right to know the real situation of commodities or services.

so, in addition to the introduction of relevant laws and regulations to protect the interests of consumers, consumers themselves can take the initiative to choose a safe mode of online shopping. The answer is yes.

Miss Zhang told reporters in Hunan, she is currently in the online shopping, will be the first to visit a love called music Amoy network professional shopping guide website". As a professional shopping guide website, love beat music Amoy network on the merchant has been a rigorous screening, the quality of commercial goods and business reputation has a fundamental guarantee. So, in terms of consumers, if prior to the adoption of this kind of professional shopping guide website consumption, there will not be so much after the cut constantly, the rationale for the chaos of trouble".

frequented "love Amoy network" of consumers said that there are nearly a thousand reputable shopping sites on the site, and has been divided into many categories, choose it very convenient, not on the Internet to search. At the same time, there are shopping sites on the site of commodity information, discount information, and constantly updated, affordable and reliable. Thus, we can see that the "rise of love making music Amoy network" as the representative of the "professional shopping guide website", is undoubtedly the construction of a new online shopping credit.

I understand that, from October onwards, the love of film music Amoy network launched a special column column is updated daily seckill, Taobao launched a special offer seckill goods, is a cluster of seckill attention, panic buying is very fierce. I believe that love beat music Amoy network as the representative of the professional shopping guide website, will usher in a new opportunity for development.