Jingdong tens of millions of user data is suspected of leaking out of human greed spawned data black

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Abstract: data of pain, has let all people feel. However, this problem, but not to do a good job of security work can be solved. In addition to technology, but also to prevent human greed.


recently, "bomb" appeared on the black market, a data packet of 12G began to circulate, including user name, password, email, QQ number, phone number, identity card and other dimensions, data up to tens of millions.

black market buyers and sellers both said, these data from Jingdong."

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recently, because of this 12G packet, the black product is again stirred.

some of the underground channels, start the data tag transactions, prices ranging from 100 thousand to 700 thousand.




leaked screenshots of



data is divided into several dimensions: name, password, email, QQ, ID, phone

according to industry sources, the data has been sold many times, at least hundreds of black hands in the hands of the data".

"data leakage time is relatively long, as to why now in circulation, the reason is unknown," industry sources, but it is difficult to confirm "ghost" or "hackers".

industry insiders said that most of the data leaked, hackers will be the first to wash the library, login account will be valuable to clean up the content again, such as login game account, the virtual currency to go. This cleaning process usually takes months or even longer.

second "washing base" will sell the data, the data value squeezed, give the market to slag".

it is worth noting that these data users have carried out MD5 password encryption, to break through the professional software, in order to get the original password.

industry insiders said, the general MD5 crack needs some time, but some passwords in the database have been decrypted by other people, can instantly crack, for example 123456; if it is a new password, to break a long time.

can instantly crack account, generally only 3-5%.

reporter (Note: a financial reporter) try to log in part of the user name and password, and indeed most of the accounts can be landed Jingdong.


Yao Xin password can instantly crack (design of a complex password is how.

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