Network network with professional wine to enhance ecological competitiveness

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recently, the new board of "eco wine enterprises" the first network network fully open the 4 anniversary banquet. ". This is also its landing three new board, for the first time to start the integration efforts of the whole channel marketing activities.

this anniversary, rich SKU and scene of the extension of the consumer, revealing the strategic orientation and brand trend of deep professional network network platform. Not only doubled the product SKU, but also to join the ecological play and so on. At the same time, the line launched the annual ecological Partner Conference, a series of actions to release a strong signal: network network has constructed a complete ecosystem, the ecological potential will expand to B2B.


network network attack 4 anniversary

this year, network network applause and controversy. As the bright younger generation of liquor electricity supplier network network was established in 2012, 2013, August 2016 on-line operations, landing three new board. Network network with Eco Drive Sturm und Drang, has been in the industry to achieve a. After landing three new board, network network will slow the pace of expansion, under the "ecological framework of global supply chain quality + own quality brand + terminal + multidimensional transboundary ecological Internet platform, the existing business through the introduction of professional talent intensive and meticulous farming, upgrade, play to the ecological stability of diversified growth.

global quality supply chain system welcome landing

network network CEO Li Rui has publicly stressed that the upstream industry chain resources acquisition and build own brand is the core competitiveness of the network network. Since this year, deep global supply chain network network quality, reached a strategic cooperation with the United States, France, Chile, Germany and other core areas of the winery, wine merchants, direct mining 3000 products in 16 countries around the world, and joined the line producers to create a large single product strategy and market operation.

at the same time, network network does not exclude the form of capital acquisitions or equity overseas wineries, let the well-known areas of wine to direct users to meet the quality requirements of the middle class. In order to meet the needs of 80, 90 new user groups, Spain, Portugal and other small wine will also be included in the supply chain system.

October, the global supply chain network network strength to take a firm step, Shanxi international inland port free trade strategy of 250 thousand square meters of warehouse to fully open its cloud, the global wine by the direct supply of the country, which will support long-term network network layout.

in non imported wine category, Shanghai wine boss network network strategic cooperation, sharing resources in the upstream industry chain, quickly transformed into wine wine boss ecological product competitiveness in the liquor, Yellow Wine products such as brand resources.

anniversary of the activities of the product SKU rich and brand trend, it is due to the optimization of the supply chain system. The polymerization activity of global quality wine, including Lafite, Penfolds, yellow tail wine, and other global brands, rose Wine, Groot beer and other items, as well as the global wine producing areas of direct mining.

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