Double 11 spike Raiders Hunan Telecom 50M TV broadband 1111 yuan for 2 years

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said what "singles day", "Carnival", in fact, we just want to find an excuse to send you the benefits of


11:11 began in November 11th, Hunan Telecom new user installation, old TV broadband users to renew 39% off seckill 2 years 50M fiber broadband, +4K ultra fresh TV price 1800 yuan, only 1111 yuan limit seckill seckill, limited to 11 households.



in this fight hand speed day, Hunan Telecom broadband TV how? How to seize the opportunity, seckill quick step


spike Raiders: spike preparations

prepared a computer or a mobile phone, find a place not to slip speed, the key is to set your clocks and time accurate to the second Beijing synchronous speed of Hunan business hall! Sign China Telecom (, to find new clothes / renew the specified event page, and then wait for the moment seckill – November 11th 11:11 seckill officially opened


spike Raiders two: how to quickly and accurately find the spike activity page

The use of mobile phone

seckill shoes, see here: Hunan China Telecom seckill entrance hall WeChat network public number, mobile phone users click on the menu bar on < – quick for -1111 yuan / > new renewals can quickly enter the event page; computer user login seckill!, in the home carousel found the event page click to enter to participate in the activities of



spike Raiders three: if the spike places how to do


per person limit the number of spike 1, limited to 1 times, repeat purchase or purchase of more than 1 of the invalid. If the spike quota grab, other users will not be able to order. Spike to the actual payment time, if the order of the user within half an hour without payment, spike places will be released for other users to order again!

in addition, during the event, where the China Telecom Hunan network office /WAP Department designated the event page to purchase a product or business users, pay attention to "the China Telecom Hunan Office of network" WeChat public number, you can order by number to participate in "hit the golden egg win calls! Jingdong coupons, mobile power supply, a random amount of prepaid recharge cards…… When you hit, 100% prizes.

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