Ali blocked cherry behind cheap small appliances into the quality of the industry depression

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April 2nd, the Alibaba announced repaying all the "wonderflower" brand merchandise in all Tmall, Taobao platform. This is a rare brand of Ali to remove all the shelves.

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, in early January of this year, Ali joint authoritative testing agencies to carry out a time for household appliances industry special sampling, and locked a number of quality problems of businesses and commodities, the complaint rate is high "wonderflower" brand, has become the focus of concern of the investigators. Data show that the brand’s gas water heater sampling batches are unqualified, electric water heater, range hood, disinfection cabinets and other products, the failure rate is as high as 76.66%. Investigators found that the registered in Nanchang wonderflower, its trademark holder and the manufacturers are not the same. Nanchang Sakura Industrial Co., Ltd. as a "wonderflower" commodity holders, the trademark ownership has been transferred to the Guangzhou cherry Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou cherry).

"wonderflower" Chinese translated as "Sakura", consumers can easily take the home from Guangzhou appliance trademark, mistaken for other Sakura brand appliances.

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, although the sampling in quality inspection institutions in the country, small household appliances qualified rate is not high, consumers have been repeatedly criticized, but because the price is relatively cheap, sell this kind of product is better.

small household electrical appliances into the quality inspection departments focus on


network (AVC) to provide monitoring data show that in 2014, the online kitchen market, the overall size of the Guangzhou Sakura products industry has entered the top 3, but the price is only 30% of the overall level of the industry, or even lower. 2014 full year, Guangzhou cherry cooking machine online sales of 266 thousand units, gas stove online sales of 351 thousand units, water heaters online sales of 161 thousand units.

this, Ovid yunwang Kitchen Department analyst Wang Yongtao told reporters that the main reason is the larger volume of sales of the product price is low, only the industry average price of 30%. For example, the average price of 1260 Yuan water heater, the average price of only $405 Guangzhou cherry. This caters to the characteristics of online shoppers prefer low prices."

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, in addition to Guangzhou Sakura, the quality of online sales of small household appliances including kitchen products, the consumer has been subjected to criticism. Inspection agencies around the sampling results show that small household electrical appliance industry is the quality of the "depression"".

recently, the Jiangsu provincial quality inspection department of the 100 batches of kitchen appliances sampling results show that the sampling rate of 73% of the product, but the market in the small channel sales of small appliances in the kitchen pass rate as low as 39.1%. And throughout 2014, small appliances were shown into the sampling quality inspection departments around the "blacklist". Also in this year’s 3>

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