Liu Qiangdong is kind of cut electricity supplier sector but was wrong!

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Liu Qiangdong’s good intentions to do the wrong thing, because the misunderstanding of the current Chinese enterprises the most urgent mission.


Liu Qiangdong again said, cut electricity supplier Department

Ma and Liu Qiangdong where there is a war of words. On the weekend, Yabuli forum, the Department should cut off the electricity supplier, opposite.

Liu Qiangdong believes that the traditional enterprise should cut off the electricity business sector, should put more energy, either time or financial, in product development, brand promotion, sales channels of the thing, should be handed over to the agents, retailers, to the dealer, you don’t need to set up a business department, get a large team.

key is that the electricity supplier sector staff salaries are often high outrageous.

Liu Qiangdong said is the truth, who is the electricity supplier Department toss headache boss, who is the electricity supplier sector price war robbed sales dealers, hear the words, if it should be filled with a thousand regrets, three or four years earlier, estimated that many traditional enterprises are likely to not really set up electricity supplier sector. What a good supplier to do the traditional enterprises, adjustment of internal personnel is not injured in the sinews or bones. Many times


however, this year, Chinese electricity supplier icon again "cut electricity supplier", please note that I said again, in fact, last year, Liu Qiangdong has published this view, but Ma was not present, not a controversy, it was a gust of wind in the past.

a gust of wind past, probably because of this view, I am afraid we can not go deep into the hearts of traditional business owners, they have gone too far in the electricity supplier, and can not return to the head.

In fact, Liu Qiangdong

, is well intentioned, he proposed the embarrassing situation of traditional enterprises in today Chinese transformation way: seeing the electricity supplier for the Department of traditional enterprises, so high wages, sales promotion fee is a bottomless pit, thin profits even without profit, for example, a well-known shoe enterprises a year sales of electricity supplier 2 billion 200 million, profit ten million the boss is very happy. But Liu Qiangdong said that 2 billion 200 million sales, in accordance with the traditional channels of profit structure, profit should be only about 380 million.

some people out of the electricity supplier from Jingdong, the traditional business owner said, you see the Jingdong lost so much, do electricity providers will lose ah. However, the platform and the brand, the purpose is not the same, the structure should not be the same loss, the tortoise should not run the race.

so do electricity supplier is not worth it.

electricity supplier sector does not need to cut, just need to adjust the


, removed the electricity business sector, for most of the traditional enterprises, can not be done, it should not be.

traditional enterprises should focus their efforts to do research and development to do the brand, the sales channels, it is necessary. I wrote an article many years ago, "the channel

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