Zhang Yong, President of Tmall value driven electricity supplier spring has just begun

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Tmall CEO Zhang Yong

Tmall’s creative why attracted huge controversy? Taobao mall is not to go to Taobao? E-commerce winter comes? Listen to Tmall CEO Zhang Yong yiyidaolai

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[Caixin] (reporter Wang Shanshan) before the Spring Festival in January 11th, is the president of Taobao mall, the birthday of Zhang Yong. On this day, he led the Taobao mall Chinese name officially changed to Tmall online shopping". He stood at the press conference announced: "from this moment, Taobao mall has become a history, we will usher in a new name – Tmall." Carter, the audience is in an uproar.

for such feedback, Zhang Yong has been prepared. The face of the stage is busy grab micro-blog or to share the feelings of reporters, he offered to share in the past half a year to adapt to the "small Tmall mentality" one word —

"in the last few months, when the name was just identified, our team was the same." Zhang Yong admitted that at the beginning of the name also feel a little strange distant". But the name is a symbol, the name is often associated with the meaning of it is artificially linked, because the brand has a connection with the user, so naturally can hook. "We believe that crying is easy, listening is pleasing to the ear, before long, we will be very familiar to say catchy these two characters."

Taobao mall renamed "Tmall" was not prompted by a sudden impulse for quite a long time, but after the brewing. Final call "Tmall", is because Taobao mall English domain name is Tmall.com, "Tmall" is a homonym for memory related nouns, but the meaning is not changed its name to the. Zhang Yong said that at this time to launch the Chinese brand Tmall, mainly considering the development of B2C, consumers and users need a brand new, with the entire Alibaba B2C platform can be linked to the pronoun.


(Tmall.com) from Taobao, we grew up from Taobao, but to give consumers a positioning and segmentation is more clear and clear platform Title today, so at this time to launch our brand Chinese."

Caixin: the name of Tmall, is it an external proposal or an idea from you? What was it like when you first heard the name,


Zhang Yong: the first thing we thought of. My first reaction to the name was a bit awkward. But after more than a dozen times on the shun. This is a new thing – the original mall, is now a kind of animal, the image of a large conversion. But the reason we choose it is simple, it is a very easy to remember the name.

Caixin: "Tmall" will tell a story behind the brand



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