From the Obama girl hype to see network event marketing

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Obama is recognized as "the world’s most powerful man, but in front of another Internet marketer, powerful man can be his famous" props "- well network event planning" Obama behind the black beauty "- Obama girl – Wang Zifei currently has successfully become the" 2009 annual network reds".

the hype Wang Zifei’s success, I think: Wang Zifei behind the hype team to seize the favorable conditions and key factors, with low cost, let the gun Wang Zifei wandering in the entertainment circle edge and red, from the "Obama girl" speculation success, network marketing, event marketing and so on is the most striking is the most likely to succeed, then the analysis of the sequence of events, Obama girl not fire is difficult.

on the 1 day of Obama’s visit to Shanghai,

Obama’s visit to China this time by a good opportunity, I believe that Wang Zifei has orchestrated behind the team for a long time, the Obama visit to China as the helm, Obama 16 in Shanghai science and Technology Museum speech in Shanghai for the young students, as a graduate student in Shanghai Jiao Tong University Wang Zifei behoove took part in the speech also, get behind Obama in the mirror of chance; and Wang Zifei after attending the Oriental angel, after Miss Asia many draft, had entered the entertainment circle half a foot, the east wind of Obama’s visit to China in time too.

2 – Obama sitting in,

color camera

it seems that Wang Zifei is deliberately assigned to Obama is a prominent position, behind the camera on Obama, a student in class one, looks outstanding Wang Zifei is certainly more interesting, a media appearance, then, the planning team will "light undressing", "hook people eyes" and "appearance" of the related words forum, attract users attention, earn popularity.

3 people and – highly educated, pretty face, school title, celebrity pad


network events throughout in the limelight, all cannot do without beauty + hero, the Internet hype extreme performance beauty called Hero power, Obama is one of the world’s most successful have the right to the greatest of Wang Zifei has long been recognized as influential man, beauty, in the school has been touted as the campus Belle highly educated, pretty face. The devil, already attracted the eye, and by the influence of Obama, captured when the mirror strip details, Wang Zifei by the media broke the news, it is set thousands of pet.

Wang Zifei recently said publicly that she would not enter the entertainment industry, but this is not important, it is important that Wang Zifei has fire. "Obama girl" event is a typical case of network marketing success, worthy of our webmaster friends and learn to seize the "heaven, earth and man" event marketing network will also be a weapon for our webmaster network promotion.

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