f the micro business comes, Taobao is dead or alive

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Ma wanted to enter the mobile Internet, so engage in the search and exchange of god horse, but I do not know what the reason is, god horse search did not know to become god horse, chat and do not want to play. Finally, the user’s prank, the domain name will not go to WeChat. From the search index, the index: 1200. God horse search index: 1900. A successful person to do out of the product index is only 2000 relative to the failure of the product. So if the micro business, and god horse can’t save Taobao, Taobao is dead or alive?

from the current state point of view, WeChat is still insufficient to carry out the development of micro business.

from now on the derivative mask, in addition to refresh it seems really no other, to tell the truth, in addition to our WeChat scraper permissions, it is now the threshold is too high, not all users are not accurate, platform.


threshold is too high: first of all, if you pay the enterprise certification costs 300 yuan, after certification also need to pay twenty thousand yuan deposit, which is a grass root basic task can be completed.


platform is not complete: even if you try to get a precise fans in your WeChat friends inside, I ask that you can do now except Shuabing? Some people say, not Shuabing can interact or share something users love, this is bullshit, Shuabing brush up the chat window to people name, user interaction? Share love things is not in


user is not accurate: there are a few people can guarantee that WeChat sells the mask inside friends are female? How many webmaster circle WeChat can ensure that users are looking for the host or domain name? If not, in the WeChat marketing which must be relatively difficult.

analysis from several angles, WeChat is currently very detrimental to the micro business, but fortunately, the current micro developers did not develop, the main reason is the threshold is too high. If one day WeChat lower margin, individuals can be settled, then Taobao may become so.


contacts: from doing, since there are more than a year, from the current status, and do more and more contacts, can help the micro business busy, really from the new weigh.

about God horse: god horse search every month in the UC browser search volume generated more than 6 billion times." Baidu early last year (precisely should be the previous year) March announced that the daily search volume has more than 5 billion times, UC search volume 200 million times a day now, the market share is 7%, considering there is a certain gap between what and Baidu search results, there are 7% reasons can be concluded. What is the market share may limit future search can achieve. We will not be compared to the Baidu, and Sogou are far worse than.

Taobao mobile client: I’m still very optimistic about Taobao mobile client, which is the only way out of Taobao, the first half of 2013, the mobile phone Taobao client new activation >

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