Taobao Electric City alleged infringement shelling Jingdong called self mall

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news January 14th, brewing for several months Taobao electric city just on the line that suffered shelling mall rival Jingdong. Some users found the seller under the banner of Jingdong mall Taobao flagship store in the sale of goods in the city of Taobao, Jingdong mall believes that the seller acts of infringement, and called on Taobao to do industry self-regulation.


Taobao electric city appeared Shanghai Jingdong mall shop

event is due to: today in the city of Taobao appeared in the name of Shanghai Jingdong mall shop. In the Taobao Electric City on another page, also found a shop called Jingdong digital franchise store. The two shops are easy to make a mistake is Jingdong mall.

confirmed by Jingdong mall, Shanghai Jingdong Mall for the Jingdong mall mall. The so-called Jingdong digital franchise store also has nothing to do with Jingdong mall. Jingdong mall said it owns Jingdong mall trademark exclusive rights, is the only owner of Jingdong mall trademark. So far, no unit or individual authorized the use of Jingdong mall trademark.


mall, and businesses use "Jingdong mall" trademark illegal propaganda and illegal sales in the network platform, in violation of the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, and the Taobao Electric City "appeared on the phenomenon of Shanghai Jingdong shop mall" expressed regret.

said Taobao, currently has frozen "Shanghai Jingdong mall" shop ID, the seller in the shop advertisement in the name of the Jingdong to the mall’s flagship store, in violation of the relevant provisions of Taobao, later found together will deal with.


Taobao Electric City on the page out of Jingdong digital franchise store


, a Jingdong for digital shops, Taobao Electric City page Taobao said, this shop is registered ID and Jingdong store is similar, is a registered name belongs to the scope of legal compliance, in the law that there is no infringement issues.

analysts pointed out that the seller opened the Jingdong digital shops in Taobao does not violate the relevant laws and regulations, but there is little walking out as a suspect. A launch from Taobao electric city encountered trouble can be seen, the future and the Jingdong and other online retailers – Mall, the competition will be more intense in the sea.

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