Chen Jing a customer centered e-commerce model

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at this time, how to timely adjust enterprises to quickly respond to the changing market environment, ready to meet the challenge of? In achieving high growth at the same time, enterprises must quickly straighten out the whole supply chain system, including procurement, logistics information system and internal end end. That is to say, it is necessary to carry out effective combing of the front and rear processes.

, the optimization of the front-end process includes: the user’s order processing, browsing the page adjustment, as well as the content based on the click rate optimization. Compared to the front of the optimization, the optimization of the background process is more difficult to operate. For example: in the short term surge in orders, which far exceeded expectations, whether it is business website system technology and background will bring challenges, from logistics and procurement to the customer service needs to achieve rapid change to adapt to the sudden change. And the accuracy of this series of business response, the system needs to be highly related to inventory and procurement department.

the same problem also appears in the airline’s e-commerce. Ticket sales market is huge, but started late in china. At present, the international direct sales of large airline tickets are usually more than 40%, the development trend of the international aviation industry is toward the development of terminal control. In this context, the domestic aviation companies began to increase the pace of e-commerce, and even domestic airlines have been the development of e-commerce as a business strategy.


, a series of online travel companies have a foothold in the market, steady growth and. How to effectively grasp the channel, the development of the right to speak the price of tickets; how to better understand the needs of the passengers, thereby improving the design of products, design marketing services to become the top priority of major airlines.

in order to speed up the deployment of e-commerce strategy, airlines need to establish a direct product system. This is the first need to sort out the service process, the establishment of marketing management and control mode, the front desk business operations and close contact. This brings challenges to the IT system, companies continue to open up the various departments of the IT relationship and architecture, and in-depth analysis of the various channels of sales. Therefore, the integration of IT system resources will be the first important work to be done. At present, the traditional direct selling platform of domestic airlines is mainly B2C website, call center and various self-service terminals. The airline’s own channel is still in the initial stage, but the major airlines have been deeply aware that the only possible to broaden the channels, e-commerce is able to realize the innovation of business model and channel business transformation. In addition to improving the construction base of traditional IT, the airline still faces many business challenges, such as the maximum degree of the market, broaden the channels to understand user needs, optimize the user experience, business process and the background of the effective reaction etc..

for airlines, how to combine a large number of membership card data and e-commerce is also a need to consider the issue. Discount ticket promotional messages, consumers always want to use when there is no, do not want to use the time to receive a headache problem. How to end

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