A website on-line time the Beijing office has been a mystery for hundreds of employees

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Beijing Shuangjing bridge near Landgent center B block 6 layer a small office, most of them is to crowd the hustle and bustle of large crowds, group purchase website "VIP interview. Reporters yesterday in the "high" office scene, Beijing office employees of the international giants have hundreds of group purchase, because the space is not large, two or three people share a desk, the new man is almost nowhere to find a seat. And this time, when the site is still unknown.

and Tencent crack?

‘s "after the founding group purchase website" Groupon "into the China name, this site was the first ultra low discount, a group of models, the current market value of up to $6 billion. This year, Groupon through cooperation and Tencent into the China, but at the same time, the domestic market has been rising rapidly through thousands of imitation of the group purchase website competitors, which makes it has become the pursuer gaopeng.

Tuesday, friends who had a short line, and notice that next week will be officially launched, but in the day after, the site can not open. Soon the market speculation, Groupon and Tencent cooperation may be a problem, it may be difficult to break the foreign Internet giants in China "The climate does not suit one. curse.

on-line time mystery

, however, although the site offline, but also continue to venture. Reporters yesterday afternoon in Gaopeng office space, found that because people often come to interview, so enter the office will not be blocked. Reporters asked one or two employees found that they are not clear about the problem of cooperation between the investors, the site will not be a few people know how the assembly line. "I got the news that the site on the line itself could be an engineer’s misuse." A person who has been in Gaopeng interviewed told reporters.

"I don’t know, I really don’t know when to go online, I don’t know why." By the front desk staff to reporters recommended a responsible person said, I’m sorry, we can not accept any interviews." With these words, she turned away.

and another close to the Groupon Inc who told reporters that "time line is backward, beginning with a partner that is the weekend early next week, but now may be the end of February, may even be pushed back to March. The local business sales has just begun, everything is not too busy."

reporter also learned that at the beginning of Chinese Groupon is rapid expansion, the current staff in Beijing has nearly 200 people in Shanghai and Guangzhou are more than 100 people, most of them are sales staff, and the distance of the site in China recruitment but a month time.

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