Tmall announced a total of 11 under the joint launch of the first two lines of 30 thousand stores

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news October 14th, according billion state power network understanding, Tmall released the Tmall double 11 total Raiders today to fully reveal the double 11 big promotion layout.

Tmall said that from now until 29, there will be a warm-up of the activities of the beginning of the 70 thousand brands, as long as consumers in the event of interest during the warm-up of the brand can be formed, I double the exclusive venue for the 11. Tmall also distributed 3 yuan through the store under the value of $1 billion cash coupons, as long as the two-dimensional code on the poster line can be obtained under the scan. Consumers can also be in the Tmall event page by Tmall redeem coupons.

It is reported that 11 of the total

double Raiders were divided into 4 parts: home textile, home appliances, household goods store Raiders Raiders dress Raiders and idle away in seeking pleasure. The industry believes that the double 11 and different from the past, home decoration, household appliances and other large commercial activities become the main category.

Tmall is not only a collection of all kinds of people to install the purpose of the brand, distributed billion furniture coupons. And during the preheating of the major brands will jointly launch the first burst of furniture products pre scheduled activities, and the price of goods are scheduled to be identified as 2 to 60 percent off. Tmall also jointly with the top 10 manufacturers and 800 4S stores in the new start of the two new activities in the 11, and in the full range of pre sale.

for the clothing category, Tmall will through major clothing brands throughout the store to distribute mass coupons. Tmall said that there are 300 domestic and foreign clothing brands to support the double line under the test, welcome to try on the consumer line, online payment 11.

in idle away in seeking pleasure Raiders, Tmall is also focusing on the layout of the fresh category, in the double 11 introduced from the United States Department of deep-sea farmers seafood, tropical fruit and other products.


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