Open Taobao by post promotion, is not so simple

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small and medium-sized sellers to promote the main way to post, Taobao forum every day so many posts, why can fire only a few?

below we analyze this problem:

post is very simple, do not want to let the post fire should pay attention to, and not you can send a post can fire, the key lies in the content of the post and the operation!

first, the post must be the most optimistic side of their shops show

posts in the forum, a lot of people are complaining about their own shops do not have a business ah, then how cheap no business, how to do ah?

I ask, if you see this post, and then through the post into the shop to see, the price is good, there is no sales, would you like to buy? I believe that few people would not buy what sales of baby


to change a point of view, for example, you have a maximum of store sales, a month sold thirty single, that you post said, much better this month than before, sales increased a lot, so happy! Do you as a buyer, see this post is not very curious is what baby? Go see the baby is indeed a sales, if the buyers just need, is not have the desire to buy


second, your post to see whether to help the people of

in Taobao, not only their own selfish thinking of success, to bring everyone together, if you succeed, must share their successful experience, led everyone together successfully, the sellers will be so successful to remember you when in need will be the first time think of your shop.

success is not one thing, the competition can be used means, but if you feel selfish only their own successful experience, then I’m sorry Oh pro, selfish people do not deserve success, even if you are successful, one day you encounter difficulties when no one is willing to help you!


replies to seriously

this does not seem to be important, in fact, is the most important point, if your posts if someone did not return to the top, after a few minutes will sink, we can not see. All the people immediately went back to the top post, more in the above, more people see, your traffic is more also, post sink for a while, immediately myself


this is my experience, I say not to show off, but hope that all sellers refer to my experience, I always believe that success belongs to everyone, if a lot of people because I post a success, so I also have a sense of achievement, thanks to holding you, wish each seller Business Flourishes Caiyuanguangjin, a month on drilling, three months on the crown Oh! The dead mosquito net webmaster feeds, reproduced please specify the


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