Over 17 Alibaba Putian footwear brand Taobao on sale

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] May 7th news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed at the end of April, Alibaba started building a "Chinese matter" industrial chain, from the first station of Putian shoes.

it is understood that the first settled "China quality" 17 Putian footwear brands will be on sale at Taobao and Juhuasuan, Ali revealed hundreds of sports shoes and global big shoes from the same production line, the product quality problems, Ali’s retail platform linkage implementation Xianxingpeifu seller for buyers.

figure for the Chinese made Taobao home page publicity figure

in addition to the impact of Ali, the government of Putian has also made incentives for these brands, has introduced the relevant subsidies and incentives.

Ali retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng explained "Chinese matter made" said, Ali will "Chinese matter" as a whole industry to promote products, plans to pick the representative of the industrial belt, and the local government and Industry Association for local linkage, good brand, good seller "endorsement" to promote a group of high quality and high standard of independent brand fast growth.

In addition to

, all included in the "China quality" brand, said Ali will be based on the strict access system and brand manufacturers signed a guarantee of quality, and the linkage of local quality supervision, industry and commerce, public security and other government departments, supervise the production and sale of the entire chain. Among them, all in "China matter" sellers must accept the authenticity of identity, residence information, contact verification, and for the sale of goods manufacturer name and address, supply chain information, warehouse location, delivery mode for registration confirmation.

choose to start from Putian, Zhang Jianfeng said it was due to the early in the last century, the beginning of 80s, Putian began to do the processing for Nike, Adidas, PUMA, Timberland and other world famous brand sports shoes, Putian currently has more than 2000 shoe-making enterprises, many of the traditional manufacturing industry is facing the pressure of the overall transformation, these enterprises have very advanced the production process, but the production of products because of the lack of brand, consumers will definitely have no chance.

following the Putian, Alibaba group plans to Zhejiang, Pinghu, Shunde kitchen electric kitchen, toys and other important industries such as Guangdong, combing and docking with the.

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