Jingdong mobile phone to enjoy the price of low-cost do not wait until 11.11

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November 11th approaching, the annual shopping spree is about to hit. October 26th, Jingdong has officially opened the phone 11.11 Carnival curtain, the introduction of a variety of promotional policies to provide consumers with a rare machine benefits". 11.11 mobile phone Jingdong during the free purchase price and promotion war started the first shot, welfare will continue throughout: users can apply for Jingdong to buy mobile phone, buy expensive price protection, immediately return the difference, let the hand chop party are at ease to buy buy buy cheap, advance purchase of new machine! In addition, more than one billion and one hundred million coupons, big run burst 90 percent off seconds, the mobile phone brands to crazy profits, crazy 2 hours put price Madden

benefits waiting for you to enjoy!

active link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/nQAd3alKxi4kF.html


20 astronomical detonated mobile phone 11.11, buy your immediate return difference

October 26th bell just rang, Jingdong immediately opened the phone 11.11 large promotional campaign. It is worth mentioning that the purchase price guarantee free welfare debut, affordable shopping for consumers escort. October 26th 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 period in November 12th, Jingdong introduced the price of love insurance commitments: on the Jingdong to buy a mobile phone can enjoy 20 days of low security services. Users in the order before and tuotou tuotou 20 days can apply for price protection orders; the generation time can apply for price protection in the period from October 26th to November 12th. After the success of the application, if the price of goods within the time limit for the protection of the price of several times, Jingdong will be presented with the difference between the amount of the equivalent of the amount, or to the Beijing securities, Beijing beans way to return. In addition, Jingdong PC, APP, WeChat, hand Q, M side can be synchronized price protection, the user in the different ports of Jingdong orders, can enjoy the benefits of price protection. Apple, HUAWEI, millet, glory, LETV, Nubian, 360, Samsung, Meizu, OPPO, Lenovo, ZTE, hammer, Jin and other brands are participating in the activities, the full price of goods have sharp wave machine, 11.11 during the entire price guarantee not to wait, let you advance in cheap thecrush mobile phone! Detailed rules: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/WPXf4v5DQq.html


one billion and one hundred million coupons trench ceremony from heaven, mobile phone 11.11 Pinnacle event purchase surprise

Jingdong mobile phone 11.11, also launched a variety of surprises welfare activities. From now until October 31st for the warm-up period, one billion and one hundred million coupons big run, let you advance hi purchase music non-stop; 0 yuan lottery win mobile phone, lucky gift waiting for you. November 1st to November 3rd for the explosive period, the explosion of mobile phone 90 percent off seconds, promotions set off a small climax, which in November 2nd for the super phone category Jingdong day, there will be a full day of less than $200 to send a gift of God and other concessions concessions. November 4th to November 9th for the brand, ten >

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