What are some of the 5 dimensions of O2O

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Abstract: up to now, quite a number of O2O companies CEO, has not thought about their own industry, in the end what is called radius efficiency



analysis, we have to figure out several dimensions of O2O:

1, your home service, is one to one, or a pair of


2, your home O2O, which is the industry’s high price range, or low price range?

3, your home to engage in the industry axis, the track is not wide enough, or that there is no change road space?

4, the three elements, the whole population, high frequency, just need, you accounted for a few?

5, if the "subsidy" to you in a single volume, "customer loyalty", there is no moat


from the first, I was surprised to find that up to now, quite a number of O2O companies CEO, has not thought about their own industry, in the end what is called radius efficiency…… The school on behalf of the network laoxing gave me a micro letter yesterday, has asked the beaver family Manicure, how to solve the problem of the efficiency of the radius, I answered him, Manicure something because it is a typical "one to one", actually does not resolve the radius of efficiency.

Uber and drops them, because the car is moving, and you sell, is this "mobile", so one on one problem. In essence, in addition to the travel industry and other industries as long as the axis of a move, we must face the "one to one or one to many knot. Why is "hungry" and "e bags wash" single amount so fast? Because send lunch and take clothes, is essentially a "one to many" ah! A courier, a route can be visited ten households or twenty customers, so the "best path" plan, will become very important.

For example

but Manicure, you planning a wool? One to one service, your plan is good, the ultimate version of "best radius efficiency" is: Manicure division does not move, move the customer to find her! This is the highest efficiency Manicure division.

Manicure division of the industry standard is six thousand yuan of income, and 350 yuan brush solid Manicure is a monthly income of three thousand yuan to the little girl love — you make six thousand income people lose time on the road to one of three thousand people? This account next life is not over


some people say that there is a need for customer service, ah, yes. Who but lose this thing craftsmen work efficiency of money, after all? The subsidy is a period of time, sooner or later have to return to the commercial nature, people pay the cost? Becomes, a simple style of brush color Manicure, 50 yuan, but the door fee, 100 yuan. Excuse me, this is not a high Manicure ball


so, please look at the above second questions.

The door of O2O

a, low range of mortality. A pair of low prices can live, but must be a single, to meet the full efficiency

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