RT mart’s business website flying cow network reached a strategic cooperation with the United States

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July 5th, "RT mart’s business website flying cow network reached a strategic cooperation with the United States" news spread in the retail sector, this is after the Jingdong and WAL-MART cooperation with Yonghui Jingdong, another, to share the flow and sharing of Supply Chain Based on cooperation.

, a person close to the flying cow network insider confirmed this news, he told reporters: "the interface of the flying cow network with Gome online collaboration, Darunfa is led by the Ministry of household goods, flying cow network business development department general manager Yuan Bin personally went to Beijing to negotiate."

cooperation is mainly based on the following four aspects: Commodity mutual settled in other platforms, Darunfa supermarket and opened in the United States online channel, Gome online will be opened in the flying cow network and operate 3C appliance channel; membership data open to each other; joint promotional activities; sharing online traffic. The purpose of cooperation between the two sides is to obtain 3C, home appliances (high customer price, low frequency of purchase) and fast selling groceries (low customer price, high purchase frequency) integration.

Yuan Bin told reporters on the interface, currently can not disclose more details. But as early as April of this year, RT and the flying cow network chairman Huang Mingduan had on the interface of news that the flying cow network does not exclude a variety of resources cooperation. Previously, flying cow network in the form of investors with the campus O2O school ha ha reached a cooperation, so that goods into the campus market.

in accordance with the data provided by Huang Mingduan, flying cow network turnover in 2015 exceeded 1 billion yuan, users reached a total of $9 million 900 thousand. In order to achieve such a result, the past two years (2014-2015), flying cow net investment of nearly 1 billion yuan, but the annual loss of about $150 million, but the loss is still continuing.

and the United States to rely on the United States online supply chain advantage in the price of home appliances category has the advantage. According to the results of data acquisition this year 6.18 Pro business platform data analysis chart of third party data organization, Gome online appliance category low-priced products accounted for 20%, higher than Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com. But the United States is far less than the size of the online home appliance Jingdong and Tmall, the market share data in this area is Jingdong 48.6%, Tmall, Gome online 5.2%.

The use of

obviously, FMCG diversion is the United States online acceptance and Darunfa flying cow network cooperation, and the flying cow network have tried to use the supply chain to Gome appliance products more competitive.

, however, is not 1, not the United States and the United States can not rival Jingdong online, the two sides to achieve cooperation is expected to be unknown.

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