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yesterday morning, the network optimization project seminar held in the legal press, it is understood that China’s e-commerce legislation is expected to be completed during the year.

It is reported that

, Taobao, Tmall, well-known consumer Jingdong, suning.com and three party platform rules will be used as an important reference for the legislation, some rules are expected to directly into law. From the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission and other government departments, Chinese Consumer Association, China E-Commerce Association, China Internet Association Industry Association, Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law and other experts pointed out that the common law, the principle of social governance as the largest electricity supplier consensus legislation, has been very clear, Taobao’s first public review mechanism the absorbing social forces common governance platform trading disputes, is the future direction and trend of promoting electronic commerce law.


four network planning escort hand chop party

as long as the Internet shopping, it is inevitable to deal with the network rules.

network rules, also known as the rules of the platform, is an e-commerce service companies, according to the practical experience of a set of measures to explore their own network marketing. Compared with other social norms, network rules are new things, even as the leader of China’s e-commerce, Taobao system construction network rules are only less than 10 years.

in 2009, the first network to the general assembly China, Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma said, "five years of pushing the net goods, five push network planning". In this regard, the network planning research center director Alamu J believes that this sentence illustrates basic development logic of network planning, "first, electronic commerce, and network planning platform, in order to adapt to the development of electronic commerce the spontaneous formation of network planning, this is a dynamic historical process."

development today, Taobao as the representative of China’s electronic business platform has established a complete set of rules system. These rules play a positive role in maintaining and ensuring the rapid and stable development of the Internet market. For example, the current Taobao rules, divided into access rules, marketing rules, trading rules, punishment rules four categories. Basically covers from registration to the completion of the transaction processing rules may encounter problems in the whole process, so as to support a large Taobao platform huge trading system, to ensure that the 367 million hand chop party smoothly and safely buy buy buy". Some adapt to the features of network market governance measures Taobao rules, such as "fire insurance system" and "credit evaluation" and "store ratings", has been a major electricity supplier platform from adoption, become industry practice.

in the consumer protection rules, Taobao many unique practices, including the integrity of consumers and sellers Xianhengpeifu payment platform for lack of advance, delay the delivery payment, Tmall goods, fake a compensable five mysterious purchase commodity quality sampling platform, has also been recognized by the regulatory authorities and industry.

in addition, the copyright protection of the Tencent within 30 days of self-help system, where consumers have no reason to return the system, are subject to consumers and users of the trading rules and measures.


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