The main takeaway meal enterprise network user retention rate of up to 97% months

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] April 9th news billion state power network, food takeaway ordering platform has always been low-key obtain public comment by lead investor C round of financing, announced the relevant data of its products. In a variety of takeaway O2O to retain users brains, meal net 97% monthly retention rate, the 95% quarter retention rate for other platform looking into it. But for the specific number of users, or remain silent.

for such a high retention rate, meal net founder Zhao Xiao told billion state power network, this is where the meal network with other different ordering platform, do business is idle away in seeking pleasure.

it is reported that the first meal and each enterprise key decision-makers formed a good relationship, will provide the integral binding like Ctrip as; followed by the signing of the contract the contract period is longer, so if you want to change the difficult decision of enterprises. The last meal and employees account for binding and integral binding, the formation of habits, later switching is not so easy.

meal network responsible person told billion state power network, B round of ten million U.S. dollars to complete financing at the beginning of 2014, a year after the financing, sales rose 837%. For the specific amount of the transaction, the person in charge of meal said only up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

according to the meal, meal, now has 91.43% users continue to generate orders, and the user month orders 17.68 times, the average monthly revenues of 254.95 yuan contribution. For food businesses, meal Commission discounts for the average rate of 9.32%.

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