n the chaos of the 2007 domain virtual machine Market

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if the domain name is the number of virtual machine market in 2006 is mixed, then in 2007 it can be called a Aihong, Kazuma Qi dark. From the CNNIC domain name brazenly break the domestic price system, a series of missed to the new Internet service provider virtual machine security defense, corrupt by cybersquatting, cheat note flood atmosphere, CN agents to smugness self storm, chaos and confusion is intertwined with the domain name and virtual machine market in 2007. ?? "The emperor’s new clothes" of a new CN yuan CN yuan an unprecedented movement? Market speculation by CNNIC finally bureaucrats Mao Wei on behalf of the round of CN domestic market scale registered more than COM of the political impulse temporary vanity, but behind the surface scenery but could not conceal the fact lose two. Because the CN domain has become an important base for the major part of the business income of conventional agents, and suddenly the market behavior of CN domain price as low as cabbage, inevitably impact the dealers expected income was normal, even brought like the butterfly effect caused by other business income is also affected by the chain fell. This major agent although on the surface crustily skin to CNNIC support, but privately without scolding Mao Wei et al 38. So CN’s movement is as "country" as advocated by Mao Wei? The answer is negative, on the surface really registered to get the benefits, but this is only short-term benefits, although promised 08 years renewal is one dollar, then 09, 10 years? Fell sharply due to restrictions after the renewal bidding will certainly lead to registration, not to mention even a registered in the Yuan Dynasty are also difficult to enjoy the service in the use of genuine goods at a fair price, will be encountered in the process of "yuanzhongyuan" type of service in COM this price increase in disguise, low-cost sales has been commonplace. More serious is the damage? Gains in the movement of the agents to deepen the dissatisfaction and doubts CNNIC abuse of monopoly, thereby reducing the CN domain name business development enthusiasm, instead will put enthusiasm in the promotion of its own virtual machine products, the impact of future CN business domain of the depth of penetration. The CN element brings is registered agents, both only Mao Wei owed his career ending bureaucracy. Ironically, while holding high the banner of CN, COM and NET have announced a 7% and $10% increase in the cost of the domain name search system and infrastructure. A thousand years of cybersquatting? Cheat note

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in the power before President Zhang Jiguang created a bad precedent marketing fraud domain name, domain name "enterprise" scalpers identity from China, the initial resources, mainone pure sales based company to the development of the new digital network even such formal domain name registration service agencies are also involved in the situation Japan’s EPSON company, famous company sued Xinnet digital CN domain name cybersquatting lawsuit event, fully confirms this unhealthy trend in the current fierce, and even some CNNIC accredited registrars, with their own familiar with the domain name business process and CNNIC database channel. "

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