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English has been the dominant language in the field of Internet domain names, but non English speaking countries are challenging this rule, to reach a consensus, pushing the development of multilingual domain name. Recently, in the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) at the NIC WORLD conference, the global internet name and number management mechanism ICANN CEO Poul Twomey said ICANN is looking forward to using a variety of multilingual domain name and access mode, bridging the digital divide, users will gather together to form a global virtual community.

China, Germany, Britain, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United States Internet Network Information Center (NIC) in the NIC WORLD forum, and reached consensus on promoting the development of multilingual domain name: "we would like to see the name and address of the new Internet resources to comply with the requirements of the people, has a wide application foreground. Multi lingual domain name is an important means to enhance cultural diversity, language diversity and local content, but also an important means to facilitate access to the Internet and bridging the digital divide. The key to the development of the programme contains native language symbols and top-level domain suffix multilingual domain name has been included in the domain name system of the country, because of the Chinese, Japanese, German, Han Wen and other local symbols of the multilingual domain name can not only for non English speaking people to provide convenient, more conducive to the maintenance of their culture and language in the virtual world of the Internet the right to speak.

Japan’s national domain name registration authority JPRS CEO Hivo Hotta said that Japan’s goal is to cultivate a strong culture in the context of the use of Japanese domain name". Now, Japan is one of the most successful countries implement native domain name registrations as of June 1, 2007, Japanese.JP.JP accounted for 14.1% of the total number of top-level domain name registration.

DENIC CEO Andreas Baess said, because belong to the Latin, German implementation of multilingual domain name as China as urgent task, but DENIC attaches great importance to national demand for multilingual domain name.

contrast, China’s Chinese.CN domain started earlier, the largest demand. CNNIC in January 18, 2000 launched the Chinese.CN domain name service, has access to two Chinese domain name Internet international technical standards, and has been in the central and provincial, city and county governments at all levels to promote a large area of the site. Chinese.CN domain name has been supported by the global mainstream browser, the application environment has matured.

with the development of multilingual domain name implementation, Chinese.CN, Japanese.JP and Mü multilingual domain name llers.DE with all suffixes and unique symbols and pure English domain with rival.

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