Website promotion website optimization three matters needing attention

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give me a website to talk about website promotion optimization three note today, is not it a little too serious, but you will listen, before this I give you about what is web site optimization, optimization of website promotion is very important, plays a crucial role in the website promotion, so what is it, it is more consistent with the search engine, better user experience, can increase the viscosity of the user, can better facilitate maintenance and management and operation. In this talk a lot, then the site optimization should pay attention to those matters. I optimize the site is divided into "before" and "after" the three parts, respectively, from the three parts of the analysis of the main points and matters needing attention.

is the first "before", the so-called "front", the user of the site to produce a first impression and feeling of how to increase the user’s impression and feeling, which relates to the user experience, to make the user experience first from the perspective of users, from the user’s point of view to increase the content of web design. Let them be able to browse the information using the site’s services, the design of a convenient site navigation, web download speed as fast as possible, reasonable layout. In the optimization of "former" should adhere to the user oriented principle, because the site use and service is valuable by the end user to judge, even if the site in which the performance is very good, if users feel very convenient, also will not produce the desired effect. Then it will directly lead to greatly reduce the conversion rate of users. Therefore, in the front of the optimization of the point of attention is to optimize the site from the user’s point of view.

followed by the middle, the so-called Chinese is how the user to understand your site, the image point is the meaning of the bridge. Of course, there are many ways to customers about your website, I am not here for example, single search engine, search engine optimization is one of the most common website optimization, one is the most effective, it is appropriate to search engine optimization principle on the basis of the understanding, from the optimization the angle based on search engine optimization design, the basic information website allows search engines to crawl the site smoothly, when users search through a search engine, the companies expect the site information can appear in the ideal position, so that the user can find information and interest, then click on the search engine results and achieve the web site for further the information service, until a real customer. What is the cause that it can optimize the search keywords, it is selected, a good keyword determines your website ranking in the search engines, how to get a good keyword, here I do not specifically say, but I’m a word that is from the perspective of the customer to choose keywords this can be easier.


is "after", the so-called "post" is to maintain the operation of the site, from site operation and maintenance point of view, the website operator of the website can be convenient for management and maintenance, is conducive to the application of various methods of website marketing, and network marketing can build a valuable resource, because it is only through the website optimization.

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