What is the weakness of marketing using human weaknesses in nternet services

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what is vulnerability marketing?

"the spirit of the universe, the primate of all things.".

but in reality, a lot of human weakness: greed, fear, jealousy, lust, vanity, laziness, fear, loneliness, love can not withstand the temptation of free, attention level, experts, celebrity worship, superstition like drift…… All the weaknesses of human nature are being used and marketing by the consumer society.

all marketing is the weakness of marketing, is aimed at the inherent weakness of our innate and acquired secular judgment. Think about what you are afraid of fear because of kidney deficiency, obesity, afraid of dark, fear of illness, fear of falling behind and consumption, think of you in the electricity supplier war grab discounted goods in Europe and panic buying luxury, think you never missing a clothes closet and no shoes feet, think of your hands and to Taobao the endless express, think of something and you see the advertising autographs after buying, buy a house and think about your financial history — your weakness to be fooled by marketing, demand development, desire is satisfied, seemingly win-win.


but why do you feel disappointed when you spend your time, and you will regret after your desire?

· Slavoj Zizek; said: "we need to know what you want." The weakness of marketing is done, is to guide people always need, never satisfied. Thomas, the author of "the good and evil economics", said to the new weekly, "not to be the engine of our progress and growth, and to make ourselves an insatiable engine," said Sai della Cheik, a new ·.

human nature is omnipresent and marketing. If you don’t want to be a victim of weak marketing, you must have a strong inner and self – awareness. But by that time, you will be able to successfully marketing the weaknesses of others, whether you are selling electrical appliances or values.

free of charge, who can not be cheap? As long as you have consumed, you must be in the various businesses discount, free trial activities fall into the trap. Although we all know that the sky will not fall, but in a similar "clearance, free of charge, sale, half off" signs, see you might need something, is bound to the blood on the Bay, incontinently excited, excited, quickly convince myself, which does not need additional or excessive or advance consumption.

A means of marketing the most popular

"zero dollar purchase" is in the mobile phone market competition period for the cheap psychology and the emergence of. "Zero" two words have the effect of blood spray, enough to let some people forget that behind the zero consumption is that you need to pay a month you may have used the endless calls. Zero yuan purchase cost? In fact, this is not important, as long as you move to flash this idea, you will have been set up businesses. Consumers can not accept your fate, smart businesses.

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