How to drain P2P net loan marketing

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as a platform to promote the operation of my P2P, every day to see the background data which is essential for one thing. A job will look at how much traffic yesterday, there is no increase in traffic through what channels come in. I need to do more work on that channel, in order to introduce more traffic, expand the visibility and visibility of the site.

if one day these figures are in decline, or the rise is not ideal, did not keep up with the rhythm of the company. Will be a headache. Thinking about how to expand some channels to drain. I believe that this is a lot of operations to promote the frequent occurrence of a scene.

Internet era traffic king. The activity and popularity of the website can be seen from the traffic of a website. Registration and the amount of investment we do not say, no one to the site to see, no one knows, there will not be the transformation of the back. In the net investment network operators to promote the math is not short of time. Do a promotion is not easy, do a good promotion more difficult. Need to pay a lot of effort to achieve drainage, registration, effective investment users, the amount of investment targets. Through this period of time their own practical experience and every day with a number of channels to promote the exchange of communication and cooperation to sum up some experience to share with you.

want to drain, we must first determine the source of our traffic. If you do the platform operation or promotion of personnel who have used Baidu statistics, the above data indicators are very full, every day can see source analysis. All sources include direct access, external links, search engines three categories. We can see the type of the source, the number of visitors, the number of visitors, the number of IP, jump out rate, access time. Other data we do not say that the main source of the source and the corresponding number of visitors. If we do what promotion, visitors from the appropriate channel into the post you can see the corresponding data.

that P2P have some kind of promotion channels?

1, search engine source:

this is simply for a search engine to do SEO, can through the Baidu search, Google, 360, search and search platform by SEO, the most common is the Baidu SEO, because Baidu is the world’s largest search engine platform, search engine platform is currently the most widely used Chinese. For SEO we need to layout the content of the website, keywords, description, and then combine these to do keywords ranking, this keyword ranking, the user will see the click in the keywords search, will bring a visitors to the website.

2, SEM, search engine marketing

this is a paid marketing model, through keyword auction, brand word auction to show in front of the front page of the search engine. This is done most of the Baidu SEM. But for the P2P platform, the price is very expensive, a click in more than and 10 yuan.

3, online advertising

online advertising is divided into many forms

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