User experience that is how to quickly improve the marketing experience in the product

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with the development of the Internet, the user experience training for nearly 10 years has formed a certain operating habits, in pursuit of the user experience on the logic and conform to the user habits is more and more important, more humane and simple, we all know that the user experience design is simple, the logic behind the more complex, need more in-depth understanding of who is your target audience? What is the target user habits



before we will the user conversion rate and loyalty based on habit, but the habit by the customer more and more challenges, now with the users of the younger migration, more show "assimilation", namely the same needs of the crowd to keep the same habits, this requires us to consider combining through product and operation from the angle of the operation, the short term rapid understanding of users, according to the user’s habits to improve loyalty rate, improve greatly in the user’s conversion, let us understand some misunderstanding overall user experience and future users of products and influence from the angle of operation.

product user experience

a, product first impression

demand is divided into rigid and elastic demand. The demand is divided into high frequency and low frequency demand. In the product demand level, will choose just need and high frequency demand. Even if a product market has a very strong competitors, we still choose to do this product needs. First of all, this product is easy to get the user’s attention, the user will be in demand when the first will think of you. Secondly, high frequency demand products can quickly verify our MVP products. Verify product is immediately behind us trial and error, so the cost of trial and error will be much smaller. Or we’ll make a lot of mistakes. When the demand arises, the user wants to think of your product the first time. Users must be able to see the first impression of your product. The impression can be based on the user experience.

two, that is, demand is the product

why does Zhang Xiaolong want WeChat to run away? The reason is simple, because the tools of WeChat’s products to do the mission of a tool. Not a occupy user time, and let the user feel tired. The best tool products must be in demand, think of your product. Then the user needs the product, can be happy to use your product. In particular, copy the experience is very important. Each person is a copy of the text will allow users to stay behind to continue to use the product. Run away is a comfortable just user experience. It does not occupy user time, more time should be will let users generate user value in paid products.

three, user utility scene

what is the scene? User scenarios is the user in the life of a link, such as when to work, a lot of people come directly to the road map query; when meet foreigners, naturally out of the translation software etc.. User just needs Table >

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