The Silicon Valley investors said not great scourges VC can no longer ignore the China Market

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in the past two years, under the pressure of the global economic downturn, has a huge consumer prospects of China and the United States has advanced technology, Silicon Valley, has gradually become inseparable. In the past, the United States venture capital team generally ignored the Chinese capital is different, and now there are more and more American companies to China roadshow.

Silicon Valley’s fastest growing new fund of NewGen Capital founding partner Zhang Lu told reporters, for a long time, Sino US business investment in communication there are many prejudices and problems, but with the continued growth of Chinese economy, moving from second major economies to the largest economy, and the speed of market reform, consumption capacity is increasing…… China’s incremental market can not be ignored, many of the emerging technologies in the United States also has a huge imagination. This has contributed to the Silicon Valley capital gradually turned to china.


"great scourges" fear with unknown curious

a noon in September 2014, as usual, Zhang Lu was driving in Silicon Valley. Suddenly the car radio broadcast the news of the Alibaba listed on the nyse.

if it is not in the United States, it may be difficult to feel the impact of Ali listed on the United States and shock." After a lapse of two years, Zhang Lu still fresh, whether from Wall Street, or times square, and even to Silicon Valley, like a tornado swept through the Alibaba.

Ali IPO seems like an opportunity or node, so that the United States has seen a huge market in China, the other side of the ocean there is infinite possibility of the future.

in the interaction between China and the United States, the United States to grasp the information is more comprehensive, but the United States to understand China’s information and channels are very limited. For a long time, the media reported the effect of one-sided and some cultural value conflicts of personal experience or widely circulated horror story based on the China market in the United States VC eyes like great scourges, is difficult to really close". At the same time the United States VC in the minds of the deep-rooted western economic structure also makes the two party cooperation is not easy.

but in the absence of knowledge, this instinct of fear with a "unknown curiosity". In particular, under the pressure of economic downturn, the United States naturally gradually turned to the great potential of china.


China market has become "xiangbobo"

based on KPMG’s data show that from the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2015, after two quarters of the capital frenzy, global capital trading volume decreased significantly, represents the attitude of investors from optimism to conservative.


but at the same time, in 2015, the world economic forum called for the fourth industrial revolution, banking, health care, retail, education, insurance, tourism and other industries of great significance. Industrial upgrading is still the development of technology companies

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