Novice website to promote some simple methods

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              Hello, I am proud of white, today to talk about website promotion second trick, development and website promotion products.

              peripheral products as some peripheral products is the site, for example, for example, I want to do website promotion around the site you can do what?

          we see this website is a website promotion stationmaster forum, a forum can do peripheral products is not too much, but should also be able to do some website can do many contents, such as clothes, do not say is summer, there are now a lot of the clothes is blank, the middle of the contents of a lot of things that can be customized, so to speak, a summer T-shirt cost less than 10 yuan, the money should not be a website, find art good friends several websites, to design your clothes, at least let friends wear I feel pretty. Of course, if you think a 10 yuan a thing or very expensive so that I can advise you to do some pens and some are often used in life, often see things, of course, if your site is large enough you can get the sponsor, maybe you what these clothes do not need around your own money, the company can help you out, huh, I said here is the personal webmaster webmaster Oh, ha ha.

        as for the surrounding how are you going to give my friends, it depends on your own, your site if the benefits are good, then you send it, ha ha, of course, can also engage in activities such as feeding, a website you do literature, webmaster friends should think can not make less personality clothes and other surrounding, ha ha, of course, if your site is not what you have what money income, is not difficult, you want to put your products around the price to control, many users still support you want to buy, ha ha, you can think of your website, put on others, as long as your site do it good enough, should attract a lot of friends to come, but like this clothes surrounding product life in general more than 1 years, that is to say to you this year Don’t need a lot of advertising can do publicity for you, oh, you think is worth it, if you think that value to dig their own money, good planning planning, your site will be full, believe in yourself, and you have a good local company, only to you sincerely a lot of things, this win-win company is willing to do.

        well, that’s all for today. By the way, I’ll be writing at 10 in the group (group of 23460943) in the full report

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