VR treadmill manufacturer KAT millions of dollars Angel round of financing

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new NewSeed news recently, virtual reality peripherals company KAT announced the completion of millions of dollars in Angel round of investment, venture capital investment led by nine yuan capital with the cast, star.

VR treadmill manufacturer KAT millions of dollars Angel round of financing

KAT VR in 2015 for the first time launched the KATK-Walk treadmill, and landed on the Kickstarter in July 2015 to raise public. August 2015 KAT VR treadmill successfully completed all the chips. After the engineering machine they also continued in the domestic exhibition activities. KATK-Walk currently released version has been finalized, in preparation for mass production. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used in the production of KAT K-Walk V1, is expected to market in April.

KAT WALK virtual universal treadmill, covers an area of less than two square meters, is a universal mobile platform. As a basic standard for VR games, KAT WALK allows users to work in virtual reality in a small space in the virtual world. For example, the bidirectional sensor built-in and wearable KAT WALK implementation with real action to control the role of the game, especially FPS walk, run, jump, backward, squat, waiting for action. At the same time, the device can also play a protective role to avoid falling or hit the wall, the computer.

virtual reality treadmill universal purpose is to relieve the user information in the virtual world because of differences in eye movement the body is not moved "due to motion sickness, so that users can more deeply immersed in the virtual world. At the present time in the world to produce prototype manufacturers, including KAT VR, only 4. The other three are American company Virtuix (Virtuix Omni), Infinadeck and Austria Cyberith (product Virtualizer).

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