Micro-blog electricity supplier is feasible to build e-commerce system on micro-blog

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micro-blog has a huge user base and a large number of active users. Micro-blog is characterized by rapid and wide range of information transmission. So in fact, micro-blog platform is very suitable for the electricity supplier this thing. Micro-blog’s content is not suitable for advertising, which will cause huge waste of information, I believe that everyone will not like. Through micro-blog to marketing, can bring some returns. But little. And micro-blog platform is harmful.

micro-blog is doing their own e-commerce or do a marketing platform


does not recommend micro-blog platform directly do electricity supplier, electricity supplier is best to use the form to do. Let the third party to do and can do. The key is how to effectively integrate the electricity supplier of micro-blog and micro-blog? Is the information transmission speed and transmission range will be of great help for the electricity supplier at present, but micro-blog’s information capacity is too low, do not allow the electricity supplier information play a great value.

micro-blog self built electricity supplier system is too complex, and there is a case before the pat ah, another self built e-commerce system is not a simple thing. Micro-blog’s one to many communication systems, as well as high conversion based on the relationship between the chain can not be compared to other.

how to do


in many ways, such as the company has launched the micro-blog store, @ Jingdong mall @VANCL fans have been in use, and if well run micro-blog homeopathic service charges will be a matter of course, in addition to micro-blog enterprise value-added service is a micro-blog automobile 4S shop has not yet on-line (I think it is the direction of). Micro-blog has a huge amount of data, for enterprise needs to provide the corresponding data analysis is also a piece of. In addition, micro-blog search is the top priority, http://s.s.weibo.com usage is not low and still growing, when the enterprise micro-blog up, micro-blog search PPC is also possible.

micro-blog e-commerce or monetization premise that micro-blog users will have a variety of needs, meet these needs will be rewarded.

If the electricity supplier

micro-blog basic need to establish their own payment system, the general platform will try to do as the only virtual currency payment platform, such as: Facebook, Kaixin001, Renren, Tencent, etc.. This is to allow funds to control above the platform, do a cash pool, by way of cooperation and third parties. Generally do not support direct payment, otherwise the platform will be in a cooperative disadvantage.

if this is only to say that the electricity supplier, which temporarily ignore the sale of virtual goods, which is a rigid demand for the platform. And is the most direct and effective way.

I understand the electricity supplier, the shop is open to micro-blog platform, micro-blog platform to provide a huge flow and value for the shop. Here is not limited to what B2B, c>

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