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– IT Times reporter Hao Junhui

March 5th, the twelfth session of the National People’s Congress of the fourth meeting, Premier Li Keqiang made the annual government work report. The annual report of the prime minister’s annual economic development barometer, although some of the data and the words seemed very boring and official, but with each of the lives of ordinary people greatly to reform government, small to your home a milk, there may therefore change.

"IT times" reporter combing the three keywords, look at the prime minister’s report to the IT technology industry blowing wind.

keyword consumption

consumption, is undoubtedly one of the most popular words in the prime minister’s report this year. In the prime minister’s report, the relevant discourse can be seen everywhere:

1, 2016 continue to support the pension, health, home economics, education and training services and consumption, the development of new forms of consumption "Internet plus" as the core characteristics, strengthen the network information, intelligence, personality and other emerging consumer fashion Home Furnishing.

2, in the country to carry out a pilot Consumer Finance Companies to encourage financial institutions to innovate consumer credit products.

3, lower import tariffs on some consumer goods, the addition of duty-free shops.

times interpretation

is the one billion and three hundred million largest population, national consumption contribution to the economy in 12th Five-Year continued to rise during the final consumption expenditure of average annual contribution to the economic growth rate of 54.8%, higher than the investment contribution rate of 7.8 percentage points. But in 13th Five-Year mentioned in the planning of keywords consumption upgrade, its specific meaning, service consumption, information consumption, green consumption, quality of consumption and rural consumption.

The prime minister’s report with

, new energy products, rural green products, rural electricity providers, to Internet plus as the core of the O2O should continue to become the focus of Internet Co investment and expansion, but the direction of development should be different from the previous five years.

set to demand the production of customized electricity supplier of agricultural products, reverse sales, should vigorously support the government, returning personnel, will be obtained after the government resources several times. After the Spring Festival this year, the wave of the "black country" to report, although to reveal the rural liaoluo, but also means that the opportunity is pregnant.

cross-border electricity supplier will gradually end the savage development period, between the cross-border electricity supplier on the sales of goods and domestic commercial imports will gradually narrowing spreads, there are two reasons: first, parcel tax means that the abolition of the commodity tax increase, especially maternal and child class explosion models, the price go up to 10% less; second, some of the goods tariff reduction also, let consumer interest in some Chinese people transferred back to the domestic market.

consumer finance ushered in a new round of good, like, the chain of home real estate interest installments and other consumer credit products is expected to get more space for development, but may also be more regulation, in a vertical industry as the entrance into the financial sector, and even.

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