Because of the Olympic Games today all the network company’s server

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as the Olympic Games of neighboring countries in order to purify the network civilized Internet, so I decided to investigate illegal sites (June 19th) an inventory of all Internet companies may lead to a large number of servers, tomorrow is confined to the IIS website, will tomorrow during the day many sites will appear IIS is insufficient, not to display the page. May bring you a lot of inconvenience. There are a lot of station design to copyright 8 – 9.50 tomorrow night may have been the server operators shut down, stop deleting program, a potato remind webmaster today make a backup GF for. It is estimated that at 10 o’clock in the evening to restore access to your site.

I guess if Baidu is not updated on Wednesday included, if the site closed today may affect everyone’s collection. Please remove your site’s illegal words, ensure whether your webmaster violates the relevant national.

illegal words as follows picture


if you have the relevant content of the webmaster please put these words in violation of the provisions of the state to delete the content, to ensure that your site can be normal access. Bless you webmaster IP had on the day.

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