2010 local gateway forum in Taizhou perfect ending

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station network April 26th news April 23, 2010, by the Taizhou Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Thai website boring co sponsored, Hangzhou Detian Information Technology Co. Ltd. organized the innovation of social management and network of youth mobilization Guide – 2010 local portal network forum held, local portal website, from across the Taizhou main site and well-known forum moderator and the Internet application providers gathered in Taizhou, the Internet industry and social responsibility as a space to discuss.

activities by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Taizhou municipal government, the strong support of the provincial Internet association, the provincial Party committee, Taizhou municipal Party committee, the provincial Internet association leaders attended the forum and delivered a speech.

Taizhou Municipal Committee, organization department minister Li on behalf of the Taizhou municipal Party committee and municipal government of Taizhou and thanked the delegates for their attention, he pointed out that the healthy growth of the network has become the young people learning, life, entertainment, social awareness and social participation is an important path, fundamentally changing the lifestyle of teenagers, behavior patterns, thinking the way and mode of mobilization. The network is also a magnifying glass, microscope, or photochromic lens, impact on young people is a "double-edged sword", which can guide the healthy growth of young people, and may induce youth astray, causing many social problems. He hoped that the delegates and the Internet industry to improve network social value, social responsibility in the construction and management of virtual society, explore the effective means of guidance, youth services, the overall service of local economic and social development, the network has become the "objective and impartial public opinion field", "health information dissemination", exhibition building the role of the network media in a responsible attitude.


Internet association assistant chief of the Provincial Communications Authority, the market supervision office director Zhao in his speech later elaborated to strengthen self-discipline, necessity and urgency of constructing the healthy growth of the youth network environment. He said that the Internet has penetrated into the lives of young people to learn, to become an important environment for young people to learn and grow. Young people are not only the highest Internet penetration of the group, but also the most vulnerable to harmful information groups. The Internet bad information and uncivilized behavior has an impact on the healthy growth of minors, the pollution of the environment of social culture "cancer", can not be ignored, unavoidable, urgent need to make great efforts to solve them. Maintain a green network environment for the healthy growth of young people, the needs of the community participation, duties, closely cooperate with. He suggested that the local portal from the strengthening of industry self-regulation, strengthen regional cooperation, strengthen comprehensive management and other aspects, to promote civilization do network, civilized Internet, and create a healthy and civilized network environment.

            Taizhou city public security bureau Party committee member, assistant director Comrade Ding Hongjun made a wonderful speech on "finalized the development of network media and social coordination" at the meeting. "With the progress and development of science and technology, the network virtual society and the real society tend to converge, the difference is more and more"

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