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mail marketing if the operation is good, it will be the search engine marketing, the cheapest, the best effect, one of the fastest way to promote. But it’s not so easy to get results. At the beginning of marketing, we must first establish an external mailing address list. Software marketing network from the previous experience in the promotion summed up the following methods.

in the process of email marketing, we also see a lot of promotion to collect a lot of email address, but just put all of these items together, do not send the classification, the content is the same, but also take the method of frequent release. This method will eventually make the user tired, when the user is pulled into the spam, you can no longer send targeted messages. So, in this way, the direct marketing network tells you how to set up the correct external mailing list.

1, the use of mass mailing tool

when you need to send hundreds of thousands of messages, it is difficult to rely solely on manual workload. This time it is necessary to use e-mail to send a mass tool. And mass mailing tools to save time, targeted, but also can deal with anti spam alliance, can improve the success rate of sending. There are free and paid version of the mass mailing tool, the software can be found on the network a lot. Can also be found on the website of my website. On the contents of the sending, tips on the network to find tutorials.

2, manually looking for external mail

each enterprise in the industry market is nothing more than in the middle and lower reaches of the user is also facing the user in the middle and lower reaches of the three aspects. We can start from the upper and lower reaches of the external mail we need to create a mailing list.

a, from the keywords to find the mail

we can find out the key words in the middle and lower reaches of the industry, and then in turn in the search engine to find, from which we can find some commonly used mailing list. This method is a huge workload, and generally enterprise mailbox, service rate is low.

B, in the upstream and downstream industry website search

in the field of industry, there are different sites in the middle and lower reaches, there are portals, industry forums, industry QQ group, etc.. In these places, these companies also want to promote the user through the network channels, but also in these segments of the industry forum community to leave their own e-mail address. But we will also find that sometimes these mailboxes are personal e-mail, but this person and the company’s promotion business has a lot of contact, we constantly find, keep in touch, will find potential users.

C, from QQ group or industry website to buy

want to get accurate mailing list, but also through the QQ group of industry QQ group almost all open through the QQ mailbox, we can also use the QQ mailbox to send data; or directly and industry forum or industry portal, registered users mailing list. Of course, this cooperation must be

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