Dai Zhikang future opportunities in the vertical division of the field

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Discuz, founder and President of Kang Sheng Dai Zhikang

Tencent Francisco January 24th, Anhui station will be held in Hefei recently, Kang Sheng Discuz! Founder and President Dai Zhikang keynote speech at the conference, he believes that the future owners of the opportunities in the vertical segments. Attend the meeting of the hundreds of Anhui and the surrounding station this view a warm response, in which the assembly site of Hefei forum, Anhui, Hefei recruitment network group purchase network, Anhui automotive network, Xu Song forum is rooted in the "vertical segments" in the field of local sites in Anhui.

Dai Zhikang said that China’s Internet is facing a new market structure. Baidu, Ali and Tencent as the three largest group of Internet users and Chinese, sitting on a huge flow of resources, have the ability to have compulsory third party website, the majority of Internet practitioners to establish closer and more harmonious relationship. Small and medium-sized site and community growth opportunity lies in the vertical segments, namely vertical and segments of the service to do deep penetration, and then form their own core competitiveness in segments, complementary advantages and Internet platform, and realize the whole ecosystem and win-win symbiosis.

, Dai Zhikang tells the story of "vertical subdivision" refers to: in accordance with the geographical subdivision of local communities, such as Yantai, Jiyang and other community community; in accordance with the vertical community sectors, such as digital, finance, shopping, entertainment and other community; and the regional + vertical type community, as in the scene of Hefei recruitment of entrepreneurial heroes Hefei network group purchase network, etc.. Dai Zhikang said: "never is a hero, not a hero for the times, in the next two or three years, with the gradual force Tencent open platform strategy, vertical subdivision site will once again usher in a new historic opportunity for development".

in addition, Dai Zhikang also tells the story of the "owners and Tencent open platform strategy" opportunities, he cites the QQ Connect service. QQ Connect is launched by the Tencent for the third party website QQ account login system, users can use the QQ account, in cooperation with the site to facilitate the use of login and site features. Through the service, the webmaster will have a complementary and irreplaceable in cooperation with Tencent, and access to new users and traffic from online at the same time more than one hundred million QQ and hundreds of millions of active users QQ space platform through the SNS share post, etc., become after search engine, web site new user traffic sources channel.

Dai Zhikang finally revealed that the future Discuz will be more in-depth implementation of the Tencent open platform strategy, to provide more killer killer tools and services, such as micro-blog, community search, data analysis and other services.

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