Sentiment for the media would like to share with you a few ideas

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with the fragmentation of information as well as the development of mobile platform reading, since the growth of the media has ushered in its own golden cycle. As a grassroots can also participate in the industry, since the media is also facing a lot of problems in has been a lot of attention at the same time, how to release their own value in large reading system, thus the silt but don’t dye, many want to do long stronger since the media people should always remember the question. Then the case in the current media slightly flooded today, as an enterprising person from the media, the industry should know what? Or, how to now aware of the development of the next few years? I think the opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, far ahead of time like strategy rather than cramming.

from the general direction of the media is still generated. Can imagine, in the future of the media, as long as it is difficult to get, is the more attractive, the more can not easily copy things will become very important. Since uniqueness is the existence of the media generated here, has its unique value, or to seize the headlines at speed, or is the only expression of real things, not easy to be stolen things, this is the lifeblood of the media in the future, need strength, also need luck. Since the generation of the media has a strong force, then it will also play an increasingly important role in the visit, it is not difficult to find that the traditional media is also using the information from the media. So, since the development of the media, is moving towards a "access and publication of information and media dual-use" world, rather than to have their own world. Too many examples of the rise of the media, whether it is video or music, they have begun to spread out.

interactive sharing is bound to be based on the media and the extension of the fundamental. Compared with traditional media, the most prominent advantage of the media is obviously interactive. Imagine the past to occupy the main television media tool, from the open rate dropped to 30% from three 70% years ago, although the decline data not fully reflect the truth, but not reflected from the side information interactive media are just paper tigers, is bound to be eliminated by the times, from the point of view from the media clearly obvious advantages. It can be predicted that, in the future development, since the media must be the flow of online traffic into a loyal access to the user, as you take what kind of means, I think it varies from person to person. To set up a small fan group, to the comments section interaction, no matter how you grasp the size of the resources, since it seems in my media is still a grassroots industry, facing the competition in the low-end crowd, even if you have enough resources to watch out for each other on the details of the attack, and with the net people younger, if less interactive sharing links, can be said that since the development of the media is completely did not find the direction. Here you can find some changes, the screen is getting smaller and smaller, from play to participation, the right to choose is growing. This is enough to prove that this view is not just Weakness lends wings to rumours.

life is the basis of the growth of the soil from the media, the use of value must be given attention. Art comes from life and above life. As >

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