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said the Internet is a man’s rivers and lakes, but there are rivers and lakes, and how can there be no beauty? There is the beauty of the lake is the real arena, there is beauty of the rivers and lakes in order to bring the beautiful lake of the leading landscape. In fact, the beauty is still able to prop up a network of sky!

around the entire Internet industry influential man, we can see many webmaster beauty figure and the story about rita. Whether it is foreign website woman, or over the Internet of the infinite personal website female webmaster, they are worth appreciating and learning.

is the world’s largest online electronic trading company eBay Global CEO Meg Whitman, there is no technical background, has achieved remarkable success, she was the "fortune" magazine as the most influential business in 2004, the first woman in, she made a great transformation on the occupation at the age of 42, and in an asset in the next 7 years only $5 million 700 thousand of the company into a large group of more than 3 billion.

dangdang.com President Yu Yu, with the modern women’s courage and courage, she act decisively, analysis in place, to competitors do not leave any room for; her amazing learning ability, keen ability to adapt ability, grasp the opportunities, and her unique understanding of failure: "I think the success of the people, the success of the enterprise or the success must be experienced, experienced more setbacks than others, because life is a probability game, more fall, more, learn the lessons more tenacious, next attack will be more beautiful, more hope of success." She has won many honors: "99 years Chinese Internet news", "annual smartfortune women", "Dawosi world economic forum" years of speakers, CNN (CNC) one of the guests Chinese week series of reports, "the Wall Street journal" and "focus China female boss" reported in her figure…… She felt that in fact the most let her have a sense of accomplishment, is a company can change the way millions of people spending. Her goal is to make online Dangdang "WAL-MART", "Carrefour", to tens of millions of consumer groups, it is the basis to create the greatest value dangdang. "I think I would be very happy if Dangdang finally achieved 35 to 4 billion yuan."

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is an international figure, and for those who struggle in the tide of personal sites in the angel sister, but also can give more inspiration and encouragement. We can’t compare with those masters, but they can be used as an example of learning and motivation to learn. And those active in the personal website of the female webmaster, from today you and their synchronization. May this knowledge is not much, little experience, but with your smart mind and the persistence of passion, believe you can do better. One side of the case, zhaochafa Inner Mongolia classified information network chief Guo Cairong, with their enthusiasm, dedication and love will own zhaochafa website to do a lot, and has a strong influence, a primary school diploma she, one is only two years old she >

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