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      put forward this point of view, we do not laugh at me too much money, in fact, this is the reality of. 

      I began to build the site for 03 years, when the Internet website is not so much, of course, also not now so high. Now the personal webmaster webmaster is collecting, SEO and so on, that time is on very strong, general webmaster will only engage in a dynamic forum or Joe off the ASP program to get to space, even above the page will not change. 

      Oh, I just have joekoe began. At that time it is the entertainment website, and roommate get together, it was bought in the * * Internet space, some 10 people online space could not stand up, my gosh, 300 yuan of space before 150 yuan, have high price and poor. Oh, I don’t know how flat-share. At that time, but when I was in college, no income, certainly not in this respect put too much. Later, feel should be a way to solve the space problem. In fact, a lot of things, not to do things, others think can’t achieve things, or have the opportunity to realize. I think, if you provide space, find a movie website should be good. I’ll put this idea with my friends, they said I feel fantastic. But I didn’t pay any attention to what they said, they found some speed in the online watch Of relatively fast movie websites and message to them. Later, I was still found, oh, when the server can be cool, 100M exclusive, is a unit. Oh, so I have to consider restructuring, engage in the film forum. At that time, my dormitory students in this area is not what take the time to get, I became independent of. 

      because I was the person in charge of the school community, especially have experience in management and staffing, so to cultivate a group of moderators, follow me to now. For some systems, and encourage policy. As a result, the entire film forum network we are full of advertising, of course is a member of their own to publicity. At that time the 500 registration / day, at that time, is very good, when SEO do not understand these things, is to rely on manpower to achieve it. However, at that time very few global forum, almost no bubble, are my own, now really a little regret… Quite a few detours. Later, because the data is too large, it will turn off Joe PHP, it was very painful ah, the day global official forum, technology are on their own, because no one help. Finally to phpwind.MYSQL better than access, ha ha, running speed

is also a lot faster, but also a lot of features. To be honest, phpwind forum is quite suitable to do the entertainment forum. At that time, the plugin is also more. 


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