The first steam car A round of financing $1.2 billion for fleet expansion

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October 9th news, recently officially announced for rental cars, Castrol investment of more than $120 million A round of strategic investment, it is reported that the current round of financing will be mainly used for the development and expansion of personnel, the introduction of technology team scale.

Prior to

, the car has won shareholders BTG BTG and the first automobile group total $150 million PreA round of investment at the beginning of the year, the car has been determined at the beginning of the first gas development plan:


, an online resource to achieve O2O mode at the same time, the use of Internet plus convenient transportation to meet the social demand for travel.

car has been in Beijing recently about cars, put into trial operation by the end of the application in other key city. Active layout of new energy vehicle industry, Car2Share mode on-line trial.

two, and a number of brand influence and the strength of the same outstanding enterprises to realize the combination, and Mercedes Benz, Shanghai Volkswagen, SAIC, FAW Volkswagen, FAW TOYOTA, Dongfeng Citroen Automobile, Dongfeng Nissan and many other well-known brand manufacturers reached a strategic cooperation agreement, to reduce the operation cost under the line resources.

three, open up the debt market, signed a total of 27 billion comprehensive credit agreement with CITIC, China, transportation, investment, Beijing, people’s livelihood of six large banks, to provide financial support for the development of car rental company.

round of financing investment Castrol investment was established in 1999, Harvest Fund’s primary market investment platform, in addition to the capital investment, harvest investment will also provide resources support, promote the integration of internal and external resources and diversified strategic cooperation.

According to

reports, the car Shouqi was established in 1992, is the first comprehensive domestic car rental service provider. After 20 years of development, it has been in the country to set up direct sales outlets in more than and 150, covering more than and 50 domestic city, the fleet size of more than 15000 vehicles; its business not only have the traditional short rental car, directional long rent, business car, bus reform, also covers financial leasing, car rental, a new Internet model about energy time-sharing leasing.

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