Taobao Pass the 100 million pat Network incorporated buyers

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according to those things broke the news of micro-blog users @ Internet, pat Network incorporated Taobao to come up with 1 hundred million high-quality buyers, and Taobao confrontation.

from the chat screenshot, is said to pat Network every month to help the people free goods, as well as the high rebate, so they have to pat micro shop.

insiders said, the possibility is very large, pat just finished the country to sell the seller to share, this is a time to get the seller, once again get the buyer.

users also discuss over, friends joked "please contact me! Tmall T4, Taobao crown buyers!" some people Tucao one hundred million are not that help people buy hot strip". In this regard, how do you see? Do not forget, now pat Network is Jingdong.



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