nnovative marketing methods to make network marketing live up

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network marketing gradually replace the traditional marketing, Network Marketing craze to influence the enterprise is unprecedented, planning a successful marketing campaign, even calls for huge amounts of money, the effect will be huge. With the development of the Internet, the marketing model has gradually been copied, repeated marketing model can not meet the needs of consumers, what kind of innovative marketing in order to allow network marketing to live again.

bold cross-border marketing

The big reality TV show "

by the Oriental TV to create China sound of dream" officially opened, and the program as the exclusive title of Changan Ford maverick, also by virtue of the cooperation, the successful implementation of cross-border spread of brand influence. Marketing is quite bold marketing mode, Jianfengchazhen into brand marketing, if not the spirit of the brand and marketing activities together, causing members of the offensive, the impact is huge. Cross border marketing industry brand, the brand can effectively spread the brand through the program is not much. The result is often caused by the fire program, the product did not fire, if only for the communication effect, regardless of the occasion to promote the brand, unscrupulous ads, it will cause the audience’s disgust. How to effective communication at the same time, hold a degree, the connotation of the brand in good faith, spread out, and can get the expected effect of cross-border marketing, cross marketing "jiaduobao" and "maverick" to achieve the ultimate, owners can refer to the spirit of marketing.

break through the traditional mode of innovative marketing


network marketing can be so popular, but also from we dare to break the traditional marketing, the use of innovative marketing model, as well as in network marketing, do not copy the success of others, to find the real needs of users, providing marketing innovation and win a lift. Such as "The Voice of China" in many reality TV talent shows itself in that it can break the normal procedure, force the cards, the opening of the new play new rules, in the eyes of the user are fatigue, gives another impression. The program can is popular reason: suspense marketing activities of a large number of users to participate in activities, attracting speculation; mode innovation, unconventional current programs, give the user the freshness; top of the marketing team, everyone is a marketing point, everyone behind the story attracted everyone’s attention; at the same time enabled social media broadcast, good sound program for real-time broadcasting situation through micro-blog, the linkage of the media to "good voice" quickly entered the audience’s attention; high standard selection also caused the player with real strength will be the final winner.

adventure malicious marketing success or failure in this regard

malicious anti marketing is a very risky marketing tool, marketing activities can not grasp a good yardstick, and is a complete failure to hit the brand marketing. Just look at the mango fire is how to create anti marketing, always have super strength to choose the launch of "Chinese mango," the strongest voice, not the moment received negative feedback, whether to participate in the program of the players, or mentor group can not far away from the poor, a >

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