The traditional enterprise obsession with nternet plus

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everyone said that this year is the golden age of the Internet, and now is the era of the internet. Especially Internet plus a term so that more and more enterprises want to develop the Internet which is a piece of the market, the Internet companies are willing to hit the money to buy the market, some traditional companies also follow suit, the key is their no specialized marketing operations personnel, blindly throwing money, it only is a waste of time, waste of cost.

Internet plus is a concept of what this new format, through the Internet channel and the traditional enterprise integration development, but more and more people take the marketing enlarge, spread some of the traditional enterprise concept: now you must do the Internet, the Internet is not dead, you should be starting from the internet. From this level to guard Yuan Kun that all the more traditional trend in Internet plus enterprise. The Internet is a tool for everyone as the main body, and the enterprise is seen as an additional product.

this is not a tool to have the order reversed feeling? As the theme, around enterprise tools go. If the traditional enterprises to enter the Internet, so that the Internet companies do this, I believe blindly throwing money, smashing the product is just a waste of time and their own cost.


Internet plus should pay more attention to the traditional enterprise Internet + mode. Traditional enterprises through the Internet this channel, this emerging marketing channels or sales channels. Because any transaction can not be separated from the most essential thing, that is, the bearing of the product.

, of course, according to the marketing process, we know that a lot of marketing people do: first hit the money to buy the market. In particular, some Internet related businesses, but also to do this to the extreme. Guardian Yuan Kun also think this is not a good way, but for most of the traditional enterprises, it really should be carefully considered. After all, for their own business, the factors should be considered more: now with the plate, the existing business model.

we know that any industry, any enterprise can not only have a profit model. For now the market, others in profit or loss of cross-border, to provide such services, he was killed directly. While some companies are because they have only one mode of profit, so very afraid of being replaced, so as to Internet plus straw, the key is how to do it is a problem.

What is the Internet plus

, guardian of Yuan Kun that the Internet is a tool that is a channel is a convenient medium to improve consumer consumption. Indeed, the Internet data can be very good to help our enterprises more than a marketing channel, but for traditional businesses, they have no special marketing operations personnel, he did not go to the analysis of the market good, blindly into vain.

Guardian Kun not only mentioned: the traditional enterprises to enter the Internet basically have several forms: one, others in the play, competitors do, so I have to do; two, I have a huge line of resources

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