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how to do email marketing? This is what many companies want to know and have been studying the Changsha network promotion in the article "traffic is not in the" more ", and in the importance of" fine "mentioned in the list of collection of Internet marketing, but in the end how to collect the list after only to push " effectively.; your customers, let your customers to buy your products or those in your activities.

I think this problem is the most friends met in the network marketing on the issue, in fact as long as you open the mail, you will find there every day from every kind of email marketing content, activity information and discount information, product information, and send the information most usually Taobao stores, shopping sites, and the like is near several years of group purchase websites often send mail marketing content, and these messages received by mail store marketing content are in fact also is constantly remind the user, for when you enter the site, they will want you to join membership or leave e-mail subscriptions to their website, so you should find that when you enter the group purchase website or shopping website, home page will immediately jump out and ask if you want to enter the website of the mail subscription window, and this A window is in the collection of customer list, hope you leave the mail subscription site to allow these shopping sites to send mail marketing content to you, so if you have received the email marketing content in the mail through the link into the shopping website or group purchase consumer purchase, on behalf of the email marketing content push method is really effective. Because you can help these sites or store sales performance, and I’m here to talk about how to use e-mail marketing content and push to the customer:

if you get the mail client information today, you will immediately direct mail marketing content to sell your products, sales difficulty is very high, because customers don’t know you, you don’t know, you store products, so you want to direct marketing to the unfamiliar customers, even to the high price the sale of products and services, the turnover rate of absolute conversion is very low, so I teach you to use email marketing content method for pushing customers is:

1 the first 5 e-mail marketing content and even the first 10 e-mail marketing content do not rush to do sales;

2 provides valuable information to your customers through email marketing content, as well as the relevant information or content he wants;

3 training the customer trust in you, let him know your store, your products, and even let him become your loyal customers, when the customers have a certain degree of understanding for you, you can in the sixth letter or eighth email marketing content to him a few hundred dollars of low-cost sales a product, which was the reason to sell low-priced products in order to promote the first were the first, because if the customer never buy your product, the first sale of thousand dollars or even million products, might have scruples, even concerned about the quality of the products or worry about being cheated, so I think a the first time the sales should the price.

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