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11, Ali comprehensive merger UC: that is, on the basis of the previous holdings of $66%, the acquisition of the remaining shares in cash + stock. Meanwhile, UC will integrate Ali, Ali UC mobile business group. Over the years, UC has been in the development of independent and giant merger rumors. As China’s largest mobile browser, UC was the biggest variable in the pattern of the Internet giant, and now, from a certain point of view, this variable dust settled, UC this important entrance finally fell ali.

on the three giants Internet Co, UC is not only a mobile Internet portal, more importantly, is a good profit in the entrance. With the Tencent’s "super entrance" WeChat compared, at present, UC has a stronger ability of realization: UC UC’s nine tour platform is one of the largest mobile gaming platform operators in addition to outside Tencent, its profitability and ability into good.

is reported that Ali acquisition of UC will be the largest mergers and acquisitions in the history of China’s internet. The acquisition will be the majority of Ali shares, with the cash portion of the way. Yu Yongfu internal staff letter said that the integration will create the largest in the history of the Internet China merger integration: the integration of most of the Alibaba’s shares, with the cash portion of the way, before the entire transaction valued far more than UC Chinese Internet’s largest M & A transactions that Baidu 91 for $1 billion 900 million.


into Ali, UC will become Ali UC mobile business group, the business group, including the existing UC group’s overall business team, as well as the upcoming integration of Ali’s other business team. The cause of the group will bear the browser, search, LBS, nine mobile gaming platform, PP mobile application distribution, love the banner of the book’s mobile reading and other business development and construction.

arrows flying, or hidden mystery

dating back to the year of the Beijing Olympic Games, Ma to the global attention of the people of the Alibaba issued about ten years, Ali group to build the world’s best employers.

more than 6 years ago, the world’s best employers inconclusive, but in the world’s largest, most employers on the road, Ali has gone farther and farther.

eat, wear, live, travel, cultural entertainment, sports…… In almost every field related to life, there is a side of Ali carefully woven into a network".

this "net" of the accelerated formation began in the last two years. Occupy the domestic electricity market share of 80%, the main business growth began to slow down, the ecological chain gradually improved at the same time, the Alibaba is like opening the mouth like a giant, on the Internet to the pool of "eat Hesse hu". Sina micro-blog, Youku potatoes, Gao De, UC and other Internet Co have entered the camp Alibaba. Since March this year, the Alibaba will soon be listed out more frequently, Hengda football, culture China, intime group, Hundsun, China etc. originally with Internet >

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